Tata Docomo Missed Call Alert is Now a Paid Service

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Keep It Simple Silly Tata Docomo Turns Complex Missed Call Alert is Now PaidHere is some news for the TATA docomo users, TATA DOCOMO’s USP was one of its VAS services which were free for last two years now is being moved to the chargeable mode, Yes we are talking about the MISSED CALL ALERT service.

Missed call alert enables customers to get information about calls missed when their number was not reachable/ switched off. Tata Docomo customers will now be charged for using Missed call alert services. Subscription to Missed Call alerts will be charged @ just Rs 7/month.This service is an auto renewal on the monthly basis.

If you are not interested in having the monthly subscription option, you can enjoy the PULL Sms option which will give you 3 unique Caller line identification details evrytime you send a Pull sms. For every Pull sms you will be merely charged just .25ps/sms. Customer will be given the details of those numbers which tried to call him in the last 1 day (24 hours).

Not to forget this is still the lowest tariff in industry for Missed call alert service. Airtel& Vodafone charges the same service to its customer @ Rs 30 for the same monthly service, and if it’s Pull sms operator like Aircel charges you Rs 3 for every pull sms.

Customers can avail the benefits of missed call alert services via 2 modes

·Subscription: Customer can send START MCA to 52244 to subscribe to MCA services @ Rs 7 / month.

·Pull Model: Customers can send GET to 52255 and get details of last 3 unique CLI from which missed calls received @ 25Paise /Pull. In case there are more than 3 unique callers, customer can send MORE to 52255 @ 25 Paise /pull.

·Unsubscription :STOP MCA to 52244(Toll Free)

Few points to be noted:

All new customers from will be in pull sms option for MCA service.

All existing customers with Age on network less than 6 months will continue to receive MCA services for Free until completion of 6 months on Tata Docomo network.

All customers with Age on network greater than 6 months will be in Pull sms option.

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