Tata Docomo Launches A New Customer Care Initiative

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Tata Docomo, GSM mobile service of Tata Teleservices Ltd, has launched a new customer care initiative which allows a subscriber to talk to customer care representative in his or her preferred language irrespective of where he is calling.

A Kannada speaking customer from Karnataka, for example, traveling to Amritsar (Punjab), can speak to a call center person in Kannada if he needs any help form the service operator. This was made possible by linking a mobile number with preferred language selected the first time the customer called a call centre in his or her home circle.

Tata Docomo’s claims the internal research has also revealed that most customers prefer to talk to a person rather than an interactive voice recorder which takes a caller through a lengthy cumbersome options-driven system. The company, therefore, has created an option that allows a caller to speak to a customer care executive by pressing ‘9’ after the language option.

Yatish Mehrotra, Chief Operating Officer, Karnataka & Regional Head, Tata Docomo South, stated “Our system has been programmed to identify a mobile number with preferred language and accordingly the call gets diverted to a representative who speaks that language.”

Mehrotra claimed that large investments in call centres help Tata Docomo to pick up calls within 10 seconds for 98 per cent of calls.

Earlier Tata Docomo has also introduced the “Live Chat” that allows a registered customer to chat live with an agent on the company’s website to get any issues resolved.

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