Tata Docomo Introduces New SMS Packs In Karnataka

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Tata Docomo Introduces New SMS Packs In KarnatakaAlways at the forefront of consumer packs, TATA DOCOMO launches yet another super efficient pack for its Karantaka circle.

Amongst its many plans, Tata Docomo has launched this one for to woo its ever growing consumer base of young users who SMS a lot. This launch now makes it possible to get 15000 sms for just Rs. 24 and this one is just not local sms but also STD. The validity is however for 30 days only.

But if you manage to complete your quote of 15000 sms then be prepared to shell out 60p per local sms while the STD sms will come at Re.1.20. So get going. Get your SMS voucher and start raining the SMS. After all its the season of monsoons.

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