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Here’s Why Gigabit Internet Connection Is What You Need

Internet Service Providers or ISPs provide internet access to consumers at different speeds depending on the internet pack selected. A consumer chooses and pays money on the basis of the speed advertised in a specific internet pack. In today’s technologically advanced world, we’re becoming highly dependent on the internet as its use cases are expanding aggressively. This directly translates to the need for high-speed internet so that we can leverage... Read More

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Digital Divide Scenario in India

India’s high-income equality is popularly known globally, but income is not the only segment with a divide amongst the population. During the ongoing pandemic, connectivity has become a very crucial element in our lives as it acts as a medium of not just communication but also information exchange. Contrary to the increase in smartphones sales in India, millions of people still do not have access to the internet. There is... Read More

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Here’s Why 100 Mbps Plan Is Good for You

As users of technology, our reliance on the internet has seen a steep upward trend since its creation. The applications and use cases have evolved from searching for information to being the critical element in running multi-billion-dollar industries. Even as an average consumer, the internet is ingrained in our lifestyle in ways that it just seems difficult to get things done without it. Internet speed, one of the most important... Read More

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Broadband Internet Browsing Is Captivating With These Tips and Features

We all love our broadband internet connection dearly. We spend time on the internet every single day for a number of things like communication, entertainment and even learning. Internet brings the entire world to our fingertips, and it raises curiosity to learn and makes life easier for us. There is so much that the internet can do that it is impossible for us to keep track. A number of tips... Read More

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Role of Internet in Revolutionising Education

Education in India has always been seen in a very traditional way. The sacred bond between a teacher and student in a classroom environment was thought to be irreplaceable. Cut to 2021, where schools are shut, and every student in the country is sitting at home for his/her education, their future is at stake. The internet has played a critical role in revolutionising education and showed us how technology could... Read More

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Key Elements of Broadband Connection to Consider for Gaming

Gaming has become of the most budding career streams for the past few years. This has been fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic as people have been accessing the internet more than ever to create and consume content. Games in recent times are also becoming more sophisticated than they have ever been. These include real-time multiplayer games that connect gamers across the globe. These sophisticated and online multiplayer games are data-intensive... Read More

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India’s Active Internet Population to Grow Nearly 45% by 2025

India, being the second largest population in the world, serves as a growing customer base for companies of different sectors. One such industry that will benefit the most from an increasing customer base is the technology Industry. According to a recent study, the number of active internet users in India is expected to grow by nearly 45% by 2025. With this substantial growth, the number of active internet users in... Read More

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Finding the Right Broadband Router for Smooth Online Gaming

Online gaming and streaming have picked up a rapid momentum in popularity amongst youngsters as a professional career option. If gaming is your passion, you probably understand the importance of a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. A smooth online gaming experience is not only contributed by a fast internet but also the right choice of router. You may be subscribed to the best and fastest internet plans offered to you... Read More

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Reasons for Slow Internet Services in Rural Areas

Every country in the world has an urban side and a rural side. The Urban side of the country is the more modernised in terms of businesses, lifestyle, employment, and technology. The rural locations are geographically located in the outskirts of a city or country. With agriculture and other businesses in rural areas being more and more dependent on the internet, the need for the latest and seamless internet connections... Read More

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Techniques to Fix a Broken Internet Connection

The internet has become a basic necessity in the modern world. More and more companies and individuals are getting access to the Internet to browse, share and store data on the Internet. Internet outages cause hindrance in providing services, communication and much more. Our dependency on the Internet has increased drastically over the last decade. We have seen global outages in multinational tech giants become headlines. Thus, the need for... Read More

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Broadband Network Disconnection Solutions You Can Check Out

One of the most frustrating incidents in a person’s day is when he/she is doing important work online, and their internet connection either drops or lags. This is a common problem faced by a lot of users who own a broadband connection. The need for a stable and fast broadband connection is at an all-time high because many users are staying inside and working from their homes. There are certain... Read More

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Commercial or Residential Broadband, How to Choose The Right One for Yourself?

Broadband internet can be categorised into two types, commercial and residential. The basic difference between the two is that a commercial broadband connection is appropriate for running small and medium scale businesses, while a residential broadband connection is enough for people to access internet easily in their homes. But the times have changed, and a large percentage of people are working through their homes. Thus, a regular residential broadband connection... Read More

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