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Does Buying Apple AirPods Make Sense in 2021?

In 2021, each and every brand seems to be offering a TWS or two, be it smartphone giants or audiophile focused brands, everybody wants a slice of the pie that is held by Apple's AirPods. The Cupertino based giant launched the Apple AirPods back in 2016, with the product becoming a success after a year of static since it was one of the primary reasons for the loss of the... Read More

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Apple AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2 to Launch With Revamped Design

Apple, the Cupertino tech giant is said to be revamping the design of its AirPods this year with the launch of the second generation. According to the reports, the company might launch the next-generation AirPods Pro next year with a new design. As per a report from Bloomberg, this is going to be the first design update to the AirPods Pro lineup since the March 2019 launch. Further, the reports... Read More

May 18th, 2021 2:29 PM 2 COMMENTS

Apple’s Superb Headphones Will Not Support Apple Music Lossless Feature

Apple has recently announced two new features for Apple Music to enhance the audio experience of the subscriber. According to the company, the music streaming platform will start offering lossless audio and spatial audio with Dolby Atmos from early June. However, there is a piece of bad news for the AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max users. It has been reported that the best headphones from the brand will not... Read More

May 13th, 2021 6:15 PM 7 COMMENTS

Truly Wireless Earphones Are Not Effective In The Long Run, Here’s Why

Truly wireless earphones have taken the world by storm, especially since the launch of the original AirPods, which coincided with the removal of the headphone jack, a trend that would continue to this day. With a truly wireless earphone, the user can get a set of earphones, minus the wires, meaning the ease of use was like no other product. Portability is another feature of a truly wireless earphone, with... Read More

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