Spotify Family Plan for Rs 179 Per Month Will Now Battle it Out With Apple Music

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There was a time when streaming music online used to be a thing only a few people could enjoy. The primary reason for that was slow internet speeds. However, we have come far from those times, and now there is no lack of high-speed internet which is more than enough for streaming videos in HD, let alone music. This has also led to the coming of a lot of streaming services like JioSaavn andWynk from the telecom operators. But, other applications like Spotify from the US have also made their entry in the Indian market. Currently, there are a few names which come to people’s mouth when it is about music streaming - Spotify remains to be one of the prime ones among them. Now, looking at the Indian market, Spotify has now introduced a family subscription plan which will allow the users to share the Spotify subscription and as well as the price of it too. Here are more details about the same.

Spotify Family Plan Available for Rs 179 Per Month

The Spotify family subscription has been priced at Rs 179 per month. The subscription will get the subscribers, access to the premium version of Spotify and it will also allow up to 6 people to use the subscription. It is also worth noting that it won’t be a single account that the family members would be required to use, but instead, the every family member would be able to use a separate account on the Spotify application. The subscription will be charged from a single master account, which will be billed at the end of every month.

Spotify Family Plan Will Offer Parental Control and More

There is one feature that is usually present with family plans of all kind and it is the parental control feature. As expected, Spotify will offer the parental control feature in its family plan for the Indian users. The parents will be able to restrict some content from the children and add filters for the other members of the family. Another small feature in the family plan would be the family playlist which would be suggested by Spotify based on what the family is listening to, and it would be titled “Family Mix”.

Comparison With Apple Music Family Plan

It is also worth noting that there is another rival of Spotify in India, albeit its name is not thrown around as much as Spotify’s is. The application that we are talking about is Apple Music. Similar to Spotify, the Apple Music has an elaborate pricing plan for students, individuals and a family plan as well. While Spotify has introduced its family plan for Rs 179 per month, Apple Music’s family plan is available for Rs 149 per month only. Apple Music also offers similar features like Spotify’s family plan.

Just like Spotify, the Apple Music family subscription also provides access to 6 family members. The other features like personal account for each family members and others also remain the same as Spotify. On the other hand, the Apple Music subscription for students costs only Rs 49 per month, and for the individuals, the Apple Music subscription will set back the subscribers by Rs 99 per month. Spotify’s individual subscription is priced at Rs 119 per month, but the app also offers other subscription options which include a day pass for Rs 13 a day and some other prepaid options like recharging Spotify account for a week or a certain number of days. Now with Apple Music and Spotify offering family plans, it would be interesting to see which the subscribers prefer. Although Apple Music’s subscription cost is lower than that of Spotify, the latter enjoys more popularity among the Indians currently.

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