Reliance Mobile slashes benefits on data packs in the Kolkata circle

In a recent move, Reliance Mobile has reduced the data benefits on some recharge denominations in the Kolkata circle. A few days back, Aircel, which is one of the cheapest data operator, hiked their data rates in the region.


Reliance Mobile has reduced data benefits in the mid-range data packs in both 2G & 3G segments. They have even stopped providing unlimited Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp facility in some data packs. Reliance data packs were quite popular due to the free unlimited social data that was on the offering. As a result, after the latest revision, customers of Reliance Mobile have to spend more for data. Browsing those sites or using those apps will be charged extra or charged from activated data packs.

In the 3G segment, the price of the Rs. 95 data pack, which used to offer 1GB 3G data for 10 Days, has now been revised to offer 750 MB data for 7 days. Also, unlimited Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp facility has been withdrawn from the pack. Validity of the Rs. 99 3G data pack has been reduced to 14 days from 21 days, while the data benefits have remained unchanged with 650 MB 3G data. Validity of the popular Rs. 177 pack has been reduced to 2 Days, and going forward, the data pack will provide 1GB of 3G data for 26 days instead of 28 days earlier.

Revised 3G Data packs of Reliance Mobile in Kolkata
Price Old Benefits New Benefits
Rs 95 1 GB 3G Data for 10 Days + Unlimited FB + TW + WA 750 MB 3G Data for 7 Days
Rs 99 650 MB 3G Data for 21 Days 650 MB 3G Data for 14 Days
Rs 177 1 GB 3G Data for 28 Days + Unlimited FB + TW + WA 1 GB 3G Data for 26 Days

In the 2G segment, the telco has slashed a large amount of data from the existing benefits of packs priced at Rs. 45, Rs. 125, and Rs. 68. You can get more details about these data packs in the detailed chart mentioned below..

Revised 2G Data packs of Reliance Mobile in Kolkata
Price Old Benefits New Benefits
Rs 45 500 MB 2G Data for 7 Days + Unlimited FB , TW , WA 400 MB 2G Data for 7 Days

(* offer only for those who aren’t exceeded 90 days in the network)

Rs 125 1.5 GB 2G Data for 21 Days + Unlimited FB , TW , WA 1 GB 2G Data for 21 Days

Reliance has hiked the data rates even though their network has degraded a lot in the 2G as well as the 3G segments. Calls made from 2G are now unclear, and the network has become unstable in the recent days. Network strength fluctuates a lot, and their 3G speeds have became very slow. Most of the times, web browsing isn’t possible during day hours as a lot of people people are on same cell sites.

From personal experiences, I can say that there are problems, but browsing in night is smooth without any problem. While Airtel, Vodafone, and Aircel have been upgrading their 3G cell sites, they haven’t shared anything about their network expansion. Even the calls that are made to customer care numbers don’t connect instantly, and the waiting time is quite long. Due to these reasons, many customers like me have already left the network. Please share your views via comments.

Please check with customer care service before recharging with the denominations mentioned above.

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September 18, 2015 8:28 pm 8:28 PM
Absolutely right. Reliance GSM service quality degraded a lot. We can’t make or receive any call properly even if power goes off then signal becomes either blank or served through aircel. Their tariff is no more cheap. For last one week I’m trying to connect their call center but not connecting. I asked about these problem to reliance distributor and they can’t inform when it will be solved or not. AND CDMA became more pathetic than GSM. Another thing I followed, recently aircel may be trying to improve their network and customer experience. Few days ago I visited aircel store… Read more »
Sanjit Roy
September 19, 2015 12:56 am 12:56 AM

@Sayan- Do you still think that ADA group is interested anymore in telecom business? For your kind info rcom has stopped rolling out new 3g sites around 2years ago, do you know this?? Where as both bharti airtel and vodafone is expanding their 3g networks at massive levels and idea cellular is doing this since the inception of it’s 3g network. I think time has arrived to ignore this bullshit operator rcom as well as Anil ambani.

September 19, 2015 11:41 am 11:41 AM

In Mumbai at least, rcom is actively adding new sites.

September 18, 2015 5:16 pm 5:16 PM

Gandi baath gandi-5 baath!!!!

September 18, 2015 9:48 am 9:48 AM

This is true that Reliance’s network has degraded a lot in Kolkata.Most of the time they share Aircel’s network.But,if you are living near Reliance’s cell site then you will be able to enjoy good speeds.But still,the data packs arent that costly.They are at par with the cost of Aircel’s data packs.