Qualcomm’s Smartwatch Toq to hit the shelves wef Dec 2 priced at $349.99

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Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch will be available for end users starting Dec 2nd and will be priced at $349.99. The device has been positioned as a complement to your Android device.


While Apple and Google are still expected to join the league sometime later this year or by mid 2014, Sony, Samsung and Qualcomm are the most important names in this race.

Features of Qualcomm Smartwatch Toq

1) Its Mirasol technology based screen offers superb power saving, brilliant colors and an amazing experience. In dim natural light, there is option to turn on the screen light.
2) Wi-power technology based battery for wireless recharge. This means that you just need to drop the device on a special pad and that’s it. Once charged, it can run for 5 days and shows the number of days before it needs to be charged again.
3) You can use the device for text messages, canned replies and widgets for quick hits of information such as weather and stock prices. The company will further allow third-party developers to build applets for it as well; they can use AllJoyn, another Qualcomm technology designed to let devices such as phones and watches communicate directly with each other.
4) It has no camera


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