PUBG 8.1 Update Brings Survivor Pass, Truck Filled With Loot and More, Live Now

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While PUBG Mobile has become very popular, it still has a PC version which is played by millions of users every day. PUBG is very fast in bringing new updates to the game both in the Mobile and PC version of the game. It is understandable since Tencent doesn’t want anyone to feel bored with the game. There should be always something new. With latest PUBG 8.1 update which is live in PC now, players will witness Loot Truck, Gameplay changes and much more. Let’s take a look at all that is new on with the PUBG 8.1 update.

PUBG 8.1 Update New Additions and Gameplay Changes

PUBG has got a revamped Sanhok map. Some of the key areas in the map have been redesigned to enhance the player’s experience. The arrangement of buildings has been changed in places like Bootcamp. There are new bridges in Quarry and Ruins has become a very large puzzle where the player can get lost.

Another big update is the addition of ‘Loot Truck’. Players will find these trucks in different garages spawned across the map. To get loot from the Truck, the player will have to destroy it. Loot Trucks are only going to be available in non-ranked games.

Since Season 8 here, the survivor pass has been updated accordingly and new missions have been introduced. There are some major gameplay changes as well. Now Gas Cans can be carried in the Melee weapon slot meaning it will save players some space in the bag. Along with that, fuel can be spilt and set on fire. Players can also throw the Gas Cans at their opponents.

PUBG 8.1 update also brings other optimisations as well to make the gameplay experience smoother and seamless. Physical objects in the game have been optimised to enhance CPU performance. One of the most important improvement is on the footsteps sound accuracy. It will help the players to get a better sense of where their opponents are.

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