3 Ways How You Can Dominate the PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 Zombie Mode

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A few days back, Tencent games, the maker of PUBG Mobile released the 0.11.0 version of the game which comes with many new features and the much-awaited Zombie mode. The Zombie mode is the result of the collaboration of Tencent with Resident Evil 2, and it brings on board zombies which makes the survival on the Erangel map a little tougher than it previously was. As such, the players will now have to be more vigilant and on the lookout for zombies. There is also a chance that other enemies might take advantage of the situation and can take a shot while you are distracted by the zombies. We decided to compile a list of few tips and tricks which will help you improve your gameplay in the new PUBG Mobile zombie mode.

Make a Good Start to the Game With Right Landing

The first way that you can have an advantage over the Zombies is by making sure you start your game correctly right off the bat. Just like it is the case with other maps, the place where you make the landing might decide your fate in the game. As such, choose populated places like Pochinki where other players can help you defeat the zombies. Also, the zombies might create real trouble at night and in those cases sticking together with the team will prove beneficial. On the Erangel map, partner up with your friends and tackle the zombies together at night when they grow more violent.

Use Zombie Vaccines and Stack Meds

While you are killing off enemies and tackling the zombies, you should also stack up first aid kits, med kits, energy drinks, and painkillers so that you can heal up after the zombie apocalypse calms down. You can also pair these up with a zombie vaccine to heal up faster. Zombie bomb is another weapon which you can find in the houses and use on zombies when a herd surrounds you. The bomb will not harm players but will kill zombies around you.


Camping Strategically to Prevent Zombies

Another strategy which might be beneficial for players in the zombie mode is to find a combination of a double storey house and a vehicle. Use the car to drive up to the house and block the entrance to the house. This move will restrict the zombies from entering and will buy you time to shoot the zombies off till dawn. While you are on the task of shooting off these zombies also remember that they spawn very quickly at night, thus only aim for headshots and use your ammo wisely. Also, remember to shoot off Zombie bosses for better loots which might sometimes be around 8X. Many players make the mistake of engaging with zombies and give away their position in the morning, make sure that you don’t unnecessarily blow your ammo on zombies during this time and keep your eyes at the chicken dinner.

Use strategic camping in double-storey housing to make it easier to fight off zombies. Further, making yourself aware of zombie behaviour will help you tackle them quickly. Usually, the zombies you encounter on the second night will be more difficult and hard to fight.

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