PAWR Open-Source 5G SA Software Lab Launched

The project office will support the development and testing of an open-source Standalone 5G software stack from the OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software Alliance

PAWR Open-Source 5G SA

The Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR), a public-private partnership for wireless research, has announced the launch of OpenAirX-Labs (OAX). The project office will support the development and testing of an open-source Standalone 5G software stack from the OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software Alliance. The OAX lab will be located at the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things at Northeastern University in Boston.

The OAX Lab Will Mirror a Similar OAI Test Location in France

A U.S.-based home to work from OAI will be given by the launch of the OAX lab under PAWR. OAI has had its home in Europe, and the launch of the new lab expands the potential ecosystem of companies and partners. PAWR has stated that the OAX lab will mirror a similar OpenAirInterface test location established at Eurecom in France. The OpenAirInterface in France has a cloud-based Continuous Integration and Development (CI/CD) suite. It provides a neutral, remotely accessible lab environment.

The Open-Source 5G software will be made as a new software profile on PAWR’s wireless testbeds after the initial development, and testing is completed. PAWR has two wireless testbeds currently operational in New York City and Salt Lake City. In the coming future, another wireless testbed will be operational in the Triangle area of North Carolina, which is in the process of being built right now. PAWR is said to announce a fourth wireless testbed later this month as well.

OAX Lab Will Have an End-to-End 5G Implementation: PAWR

PAWR has commented on the benefits of the OAX lab by saying that researchers will have to get access to the software profile for ongoing exploration of 5G spectrum sharing, network automation and other wireless technologies. PAWR also added that OAX would have an end-to-end 5G implementation for development and testing across multiple metrics. It will also maintain a crowdsourced inventory which would include different ecosystem solutions that would encourage increased collaboration and critical interoperability testing.

PAWR Technical Program Director Abhimanyu (Manu) Gosain has said the launch of the OAX lab would strengthen U.S. efforts to expand the capabilities and performance of 5G networks. It will also enhance the technologies that will move the wireless industry beyond 5G. He added that they are ensuring that by hosting the OAX lab as a part of the PAWR program, there is a clear path from software development through testing and prototyping of new software, hardware and wireless applications.

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