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Ericsson 5G Industry Connect Solution Deployed at Capgemini’s Mumbai Lab

Capgemini, a French IT consulting firm, has deployed the 5G Industry Connect solution offered by Ericsson with the motive of accelerating the deployment of 5G solutions in India. The solution was deployed at Capgemini’s Mumbai lab. With 5G revolutionising connectivity as we know it, Capgemini’s 5G lab for industries are designed to enable organisations across sectors to pivot and test their businesses towards the intelligent industry. Adopting 5G would help... Read More

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Ericsson Helps Optus With a Voice Call Over 5G SA Network

Ericsson is one of the largest telecom gear vendors across the world. It is a European company that has helped multiple telecom operators around the globe in rolling out new generation networks for decades now. The European vendor also has ties with telecom companies in Australia. One of the largest network operators in Australia, Optus, recently took the help of Ericsson in its 5G tests involving SA (standalone) networks. Not... Read More

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Ericsson, Volvo Test Cross-Border 5G Network Efficiency

Ericsson keeps on testing the efficiency of its 5G networks and how it performs under different circumstances. Recently, the European telecom vendor partnered with the premium car maker Volvo to test how the 5G networks perform in cross border vehicular handover. The purpose of this test was to check how efficient the 5G networks are in delivering real-time information to the vehicles for enabling a seamless driving experience when crossing... Read More

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Ericsson Launches Multiple Products to Accelerate 5G Indoor Connectivity

The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has expanded its indoor 5G portfolio. The new offerings by the company are Ericsson Indoor AIR 1279 and Ericsson Radio Dot 4459 small-cell radio. Both the products will cover the US market and Ericsson Indoor Connect, which supports multi-operator and multi-vendor scenarios will increase the 5G connectivity. Jessy Huang, who is the Head of Ericsson’s Indoor Product Line, marked that the quality of 5G service... Read More

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Samsung and Ericsson Ink Deal for Cellular Patents, Ending Licensing Dispute

Korean Smartphone giant Samsung and Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson had been part of a patent licensing dispute that had a sizeable impact on the latter’s first-quarter revenue. This ended today since both companies on Friday inked a multi-year deal for global patent licenses, some of which are related to all kinds of cellular technologies, especially fifth-generation or 5G tech. This deal ends complaints that were filed by both companies... Read More

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Ericsson Launches Radio 6626 for Low Cost Site Upgrades

The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has announced Radio 6626, which is a dual-band three-sector radio to aid communication service providers in increasing their Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) 5G frequency capacity. Ericsson Radio 6626 has been designed to provide multi-standard and multi-band coverage. Not only this but, it is designed to lower the costs and reduce the footprint for the companies rolling out networks. The newest addition in Ericsson’s radio portfolio... Read More

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O2 Slovakia Inks Deal With Ericsson for 5G Deployment

The smartphone service provider in Slovakia, O2 Slovakia has inked a deal with the European telecom gear vendor Ericsson for the commercial 5G rollout and development of existing 2G, 3G and 4G radio access network (RAN) infrastructure. Ericsson will be the technological partner for O2 Slovakia. The telecom gear maker released a press release and said that the agreement follows a multi-vendor trial that happened across the service provider’s 5G... Read More

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Ericsson, MediaTek Get 5.1 Gbps Speeds by Testing mmWave in 5G SA

Ericsson and MediaTek have joined hands to create something which is going to be a jaw-dropping innovation. In the wake of achieving high downloading speeds in 5G technologies, both the companies have been working to make a 5G dual connectivity breakthrough which is going to merge the coverage of sub-6Hz bands with a millimetre wave on a commercial chipset. In the recent demo, the companies have achieved speeds of up... Read More

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Ericsson Teams Up With 2degrees for 5G Expansion in New Zealand

Ericsson has teamed up with renowned telecom operator 2degrees to offer 5G network services in New Zealand. The information was released by the telecom giant in the latest release. The partnership with Ericsson will allow 2degrees to maximise the capacity of 4G capacity twice of the current state. Initially, the company is eyeing Auckland and Wellington for the 5G sites. However, network expansion plans will begin soon with the prospect... Read More

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Hyperbat Joins Ericsson and BT for 5G Digital Twin Technology

The Coventry based company Hyperbat is eyeing on 5G technology to accelerate the manufacturing process for hybrid and electric vehicle production by developing ‘digital twins.’ The new technology can be manipulated and viewed using VR headsets. To give wings to the project, Hyperbat has partnered up with Ericsson, BT and NVIDIA to enable root teams to connect and interact with each other using a virtual 3D engineering model. Hyperbat is... Read More

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5G: Ericsson Trials W-Band for Improving Backhaul Network Capacity

Ericsson recently tested the W-band (92 GHz to 114 GHz) for checking how much it can help in improving the backhaul capacity of a network. The company conducted the trial by partnering up with Cosmote and Deutsche Telekom. The test results proved that W-band frequencies are capable of handling multi-GB wireless backhaul capacity for 5G. At present, wireless backhaul utilises frequency bands in the range of 4 GHz to 80... Read More

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5G Will Reduce Cost of Per GB Data for Operators: Ericsson India

5G, the next-generation connectivity technology, will help the operators bring down the cost of each GB of data by a factor of 10. According to a BW report, the Head of Ericsson India, Nitin Bansal, said, 5G will massively help with the ever-growing data demand and digitisation of India. Bansal mentioned that India is the top-ranked country when it comes to data usage per month per smartphone, with 15.7GB of... Read More

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