OnePlus TV Could Be the Design Brilliance We Need in the Premium TV Segment

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The next big release in India from OnePlus is not going to be a smartphone, but the Chinese electronics giant is going to launch the OnePlus TV in the country. Ever since the chatter about the OnePlus TV has erupted in the market, there has been the consensus that the TV is going to debut in the premium segment with only the best specifications. The OnePlus TV will compete in the market with the likes of Sony, LG and Samsung TVs when it launches. However, this also means that design is something that OnePlus is going to put a lot of focus on and in this department as well, the OnePlus TV is going to be a premium offering.

OnePlus TV Remote Design

Currently, there are two images out there about the OnePlus TV which give us some insights into the kind of design that OnePlus TV will bring on the table for the customers. The first is the image of the OnePlus TV remote which was shared on Twitter by the OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau and second is the image of the OnePlus TV stand with a little sneak peek into the OnePlus TV. We have already heard Pete Lau make a remark on how traditional TV remotes are ugly, and that OnePlus TV will be a design brilliance.

The image of the OnePlus TV remote surely points in the right direction as we get to see an aluminium frame on the remote, which gives a very premium feel. For designing the remote, OnePlus has taken a minimalistic approach with only the bare essential buttons on the top side, and the volume buttons on the right edge of the remote. There is also going to be USB Type-C port on this remote which means that it might come with fast charging as well.

OnePlus TV Design - The Rear Panel

The second image that OnePlus has officially shared on its Instagram and Twitter handle is that of the OnePlus TV itself. But, in this image, the TV has not been revealed in the entirety. The company has given us a peek into how the stand of the OnePlus TV is going to look, and we can assure you that it looks much different than what we have previously seen on other premium segment TVs. While until now, the TVs have been coming with a stand which supports the TV from the lower side, it seems that OnePlus has figured out a hanging panel model for its OnePlus TV stand which is probably going to give a very modernistic look to the OnePlus TV.

Also, not to forget that the back of the OnePlus TV seems to be sporting a fibre panel with kevlar like finish. The back panel looks really elegant, and there are no unnecessary screws or mounts that would give an ugly look to the TV. Now we can only say that if this is the kind of thought that OnePlus has put in for the rear panel of the TV, then we would only expect the best design on the front as well. OnePlus has been putting a lot of emphasis on its smartphone designs as well.

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