MTS Intros Unlimited Rev B Plans, Post-FUP Speed 32kbps

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MTS Intros Unlimited Rev B Plans, Post-FUP Speed 32kbpsIt’s the competition about speed, the commitment of providing faster data accessing. It’s about showing of the highest potentiality of one’s existing infrastructure.

Last few months we have couple of incidents in data market as we have seen Airtel launching its 4th Gen data network in Kolkata and Bangalore with kind of high priced dongle and not-so reasonable plans (considering that speed issue). Already Airtel has slashed down the price of the dongle as per the impact of our post.

Now MTS India has come up with similar kind of plans like airtel 4G for the postpaid customer.(Read more: CDMA Players Not Responding to Data Tariff War - Even Airtel 4G Cheaper than EVDO Rev B Services In India) Lets have a look first: 

Plan Name



Additional Usage charge

M-Ultra 629Rs.6291 GBRs. 1 /MB
M-Ultra 899Rs.8993 GBRs. 1 /MB
MULTRA 999 unlimitedRs.999Unlimited*
*Upto 6GB in HSD
M-Ultra 1359Rs.135910 GBRs. 1 /MB
MULTRA 1399 unlimitedRs.1399Unlimited*
*Upto 12GB in HSD
M-Ultra 1629Rs.162915 GBRs. 1 /MB
M-Ultra 1899Rs.189920 GBRs. 1 /MB

Currently available only in Jaipur, MTS Rev B network can provide a speed of 9.8 Mbps, theoretically 3 times faster than existing EVDO Rev A network which can deliver a downlink speed of maximum 3.1 Mbps and this network have the capability of providing better indoor coverage and stable transmission of data in the air than any other technology but it seems MTS is going to miss this opportunity with its own meaningless plans.

There is a catch in all unlimited plans. What is it?

It’s about the speed cap and one of the most vital issue in the above 2 unlimited plans after consuming the bundled usage of 6GB and 12GB customer will be pushed in a 32Kbps speed for rest of the days of the month until the next month comes. It’s quite difficult to be in a 32kbps speed in today. In CDMA 1X can deliver a maximum of 153Kbps speed which is very slow and just obsolete in today’s scenario. 32Kbps is no doubt even slower that 1X and I think no need to explain. Even old days dial-up speed was sometimes better than it.

Airtel is providing a speed cap of 128 Kbps in 4G after the consumed data in their respective plans. But MTS’s 32 Kbps plan is nothing but to rag someone. It seems to retain the “UNLIMITED” they have just messed up with all crap. They should provide atleast 256-512Kbps like speed when the bundled usage is over. Our latest NTP also suggested to set a speed of 512Kbps for broadband in near future.

There is another plan of Rs.4599 which will come with bundled device and 1GB data/Months for 6 Months also available. After 6 Months customer will be automatically shifted to M-Ultra 629 plan which was described above.

So, what do u think about MTS‘s 32Kbps speed cap? Is it all right or just unethical? Let us know via comments.

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Anirban hails from Kolkata and works as an IT Consultant for a MNC. He is currently based out of Gurgaon now. He loves to write codes and blogs both.

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