MTNL Introduces Friend Finder Service for GSM Subscribers

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Always wondering where your nearest and dearest is? Eager to locate a friend (in a way that doesn't violate their privacy)? Yes! With Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) Mumbai's exciting new Value Added Service Dubbed as Friend Finder, your 'liked' or loved one is always just an SMS away!

MTNL today announced the launch of new VAS 'Friend Finder' a user-friendly service for its GSM mobile services subscribers (Dolphin/Trump) in Mumbai that can immediately locate their family member or buddy. The Friend Finder operates using, not a long-lens telescope or a private eye, but simply your mobile phone! With just a simple typed-in SMS command, you'll be given the approximate location of the person you're looking for.

What's more, MTNL's Friend Finder is a 100% permission-based service - a safeguard which prevents its misuse. Users require the explicit permission of people they'd like to regularly track before being able to enjoy the service. They, in turn, can grant or deny permission to others who wish to locate them.

Tariff and How to Use-:

To use this service, first a user has to subscribe to this service by sending SMS to 52323. Friend Finder is available in weekly pack (Rs.7/-) and monthly pack (Rs.25/-). Once subscribed the customer can add friends and find their location by sending simple SMSes to 52323 as given in table below.

SMS Key WordDescription
SUBW / SUBMFor activation of weekly or monthly subscription, respectively.
UNSUBTo unsubscribe from the service.
HELPTo get usage information for the service.
ADD / DELTo add or delete a friend from your friend-list.
FINDTo get the location of a friend.
LISTTo get a list of various friends in the friend-list.
NICKTo assign a nick-name to a friend (for easy reference).

Tariff  In Details-:

There are no additional charges for adding, deleting, finding etc. apart from the weekly/monthly subscription charges. The customer can have as many friends and use as much as he/she can.

Tariff TypeTariff Amount
Weekly SubscriptionRs.7/-
Monthly SubscriptionRs. 25/-
SMS to 52323FREE (Unlimited)

For More Information just call 1503 / 9869012345 (toll free)

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