Instagram to bring business analytics feature for monitoring performance

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Before we jump to the main news, we would like to ask, have you checked your Instagram inbox lately? It is like pretty much like Facebook's other messages box. Instagram's hidden inbox basically stores messages from the users you aren’t following.

Instagram analytics

This new addition seems to have emerged after its new logo launch and the subsequent redesign of its app to make its menus and background entirely black and white. Now, to access this Instagram secret inbox, all you have to do is to turn your focus to the upper right corner of the main screen and there is an icon that looks like a physical inbox. This is Instagram Direct. The blue notification on it says the number of hidden messages received. A tap on it can take you to the messages in it. If there are no blue notifications, it simply means that there are no messages for you.

The whole idea is simple that Instagram doesn’t want you to get distracted by unknown people sending random pictures when you are enjoying the latest picture your best mate has sent. Meanwhile, there is also something coming up for the business people. Instagram will allow the companies with business profiles to find out demographic information about who is monitoring its posts.

Dubbed as Insights, these posts can be scheduled to show up at certain times of the day. There is also an analysis of the posts included under it. It will provide valuable insights about how many new people have started following them in the last few days and hours. By this, companies can analyze which posts have been best performing. Insights will start rolling out within months.

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