India-Specific Features Like Smart Inbox, New Gallery App Coming to OxygenOS

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The most hyped launch which happened this month has been of the OnePlus TV and the OnePlus 7T. Although there was a massive hype for the OnePlus TV, the OnePlus 7T wasn’t entirely ignored and had a lot of eyeballs on its when it was launched. The new phone comes with a unique positioning between the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro and gives a new option to the buyers of OnePlus phones to get their hands on a new device. Also, not to forget that the device comes with new features which are a step ahead of the OnePlus 7. It is also worth noting that in the premium segment, OnePlus stays ahead of Samsung and Apple in India. Its OnePlus 7 Pro has been the device which took the flagship stance and saw massive sales. The OnePlus series is also loved by a lot because of the software that it comes with – OxygenOS, so it’s no surprise that OnePlus is now bringing India specific features to the OS now.

Why is the OxygenOS Liked by Users?

It is known by everyone that OnePlus debuts its phones with the OxygenOS skin, which in the recent past has become a benchmark for software optimisation. OxygenOS remains one of the prime reasons why OnePlus phones are well perceived in the market. Unlike some of the other skins on Android in the market which are available from the Chinese OEMs, the OxygenOS comes with a clean UI which is much more closer to the stock Android. This means that there are no unnecessary additions and bloatware which hinder the experience of the users and the UI and UX of OxygenOS leans more towards minimalism. Keeping this in mind, OnePlus will bring some features to the OxygenOS, which will remain limited to the Indian users only. Here are some of these features.

New SMS App in OxygenOS

A big change will be made to the SMS application on the OxygenOS. Right now, some of the SMS applications and some UIs like the MIUI support a smart inbox. Truecaller is also one of the apps which makes reading SMS and arranging inbox a breezy task. Now, these features will make their way to the OxygenOS too. The OxygenOS SMS inbox will sort your mail into promotions, banking, and other categories. It will also parse some of the messages like tickets, OTPs and bills into an easily readable format.

OnePlus Roaming, Work-Life Balance and Other Features

Another feature which OnePlus has introduced for its OxygenOS is OnePlus Roaming that is a SIM-free data service. Also, the Work-Life Balance feature will make its way to the OxygenOS. Notably, this features sorts the notifications between work and personal categories based on different parameters, like your location, time and other factors to allow the users to log out of their work-life while they are at home and also to help them focus at work by keeping aside the personal notifications. Recently, there has been a rise in the apps and features which help the users bump their productivity and limit their digital usage. There are other features in the OxygenOS like the Zen Mode and the Digital Wellbeing which belong in the same category.

Revamped Gallery App

The Gallery app is a big part of the phone’s overall experience and this is where the user spends a lot of time, as such, OnePlus is giving a major redesign to this application as well. The Gallery App is now being designed similar to the Google Photos app, and it will now offer cloud storage for backing up pictures and videos. Also, it will come with features like sorting based on face recognition, time, and location. There are also other features like the cricket score feature on the OxygenOS Shelf. Now, OnePlus has not let out a word about when these updates will reach the users, but we expect them to hit the devices with the rollout of the OxygenOS 10 in the following months.

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