Idea Cellular starts offering new Unlimited 3G Internet Packs at Rs 1499 with post FUP speed of 20Kbps

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Idea Cellular has made some changes in its unlimited 3G data packs in Delhi NCR area. The price range starts from Rs. 655 and go up till Rs. 1499. After a certain high speed data, the normal speed comes down to 40 kb/s. Here are the details of the unlimited data plans with FUP.


MRP (Rs.) Benefits Validity (Days) FUP Limit
655 Unlimited 3GB FUP 28 Speed Post 3GB @40 Kbps and post 4GB @ 20kbps
755 Unlimited 4GB FUP 28 Speed Post 4GB @40 Kbps and post 5GB @20kbps
855 Unlimited 5GB FUP 28 Speed Post 5GB @40kbps and post 6GB @20kbps
955 Unlimited 6GB Data 28 Speed post 6GB @40kbps and post 7GB @20kbps
1055 Unlimited 7GB FUP 28 Speed post 7GB @40kbps and post 8GB @20kbps
1255 Unlimited 9GB FUP 28 Speed post 9GB @40kbps and post 10GB @20kbps
1499 Unlimited 11GB FUP 28 Speed post 11 GB @40kbos and post 12 GB @20kbps

Any user can enjoy unlimited 3G for 28 days by paying as lee as Rs. 655. In such case, the limit decrease after consuming 3GB data. From here onwards, users can choose various other option such as Plan 755, Plan 855, Plan 855, Plan 955, Plan 1055, Plan 1255 and Plan 1499. For each of these plans, their high data usage limit increases by 1 GB. While Rs. 655 plan makes available 3 GB high speed data, Rs. 755 makes available 4GB high speed data, Rs. 855 Plan makes available 5 GB high speed data, Rs. 955 Plan makes available 6 GB high speed data. In the same way, Rs. 1499 Plan makes available 11 GB high speed data. The speed comes down once the FUP limit is reached.

Note: Users need to keep in mind the below-stated points-

  • Free data plans are not applicable while roaming internationally.
  • Actual internet speed may vary in accordance with device, network and time of usage.

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