Google to Announce Galaxy Nexus 2 with Key Lime Pie Android 5.0 ?

Key Lime Pie Android 5.0It seems Google has started baking Key Lime Pie, the next version of Android platform which may be revealed in this fall as the rumormills go. It is saying that Google may show off the next Nexus phone with newer Android version.

If you can remember in late 2011 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich appears with Galaxy Nexus, and July 2012 showed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running on Nexus 7 tablet.

The code name of Android version Key Lime Pie comes as Google chooses dessert names alphabetically for the Android release – Cup cake (v1.5), Donut (v1.6), Eclair (v2.1), Froyo (v2.2), Gingerbread (v2.3), Honeycomb (v3.0), Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0) and Jelly Bean (v4.1).

There is a bit confusion that Key Lime Pie may have the version 5.0 or 4.2 and the new Nexus device will be a smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. There is another leak of a Samsung device dubbed GT-i92560, which is to be coming with 4.65 inch super AMOLED HD display, 2GB RAM and quad core processor.

Well, everything are about expectations or rumors. But it seems Google is making faster updates on Android, while from the previous Android release history a new Android version goes mainstream after 1.5 – 2 years of its release.

Well it also kills Kaju Katli campaign, which wanted Google to make the codename on a favorite Indian dessert.

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October 6, 2012 2:48 pm 2:48 PM

Get Galaxy Nexus and you will never have to wait for updates 😀

October 3, 2012 12:13 pm 12:13 PM
Microsoft made mistake of making Vista OS which needed new hardware. They Failed. They got back in business quickly by Win7 which was compatible with current hardware. If android released 9 OS builds in 3 years? You can fool people once or twice…. but not always. On my Nokia E5, I got some 6 updates since last 3 years. Last one was on 27th July 2012. The problem is in both , hardware companies who make mobiles & the software companies who make OS. Hardware guys do not want to waste resource on old models. Hence force buyers to buy… Read more »
October 3, 2012 10:24 am 10:24 AM
I do not know why everyone make a hue and cry about old devices getting forgotten during new update releases. Folks, is your old Pentium 2 capable of running Win 8? No. Similarly, the hardware requirements of newer Android releases too becomes greater. You should read Sony’s blog post on ICS releases on 2011 models which were developed with GB in mind. The manufacturer sells you a model with GB and says its upgradeable to ICS. They never mention JB. So why do you complain if your device is not going to get JB? Atmost, you can feel disappointed, but… Read more »