Google Makes it Easier for Android Users to Toggle and Monitor Account Settings With New Update

By June 22nd, 2018 AT 7:00 PM

Google has been making a lot of revamps to its products lately. In the starting of 2018, the tech giant redesigned the Gmail interface. Now Google is making a redesign to the Account Settings section for Android. Through this design, Google is seeking to make the Privacy and Security settings easily navigable. The search functionality has also been unified, making it easier to search different settings. It is being speculated that Google has made this change after the social media giant, Facebook was caught in an ugly data leak scandal. Also, a few days ago Google has updated its Ads Settings feature. Under this new update, Google Account page for Android receives a new easily navigable interface which highlights the prominent security and privacy settings and makes them more accessible along with options and detailed summaries of relevant information all at one place.


Options such as personal info, your devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, reservations, and contacts also have been made more accessible after the new update. Now, there is also a Privacy Checkup feature which offers a step by step guide to the users for reviewing and choosing the right privacy settings for their account. Users will also be able to see their payments and subscriptions all at one place along with the functionality of seeing the people with whom they are sharing the information. The search options present beside the Account Section will allow users to search for any important setting which they might require.

If not the search option, users can go to the support section where they will be able to get answers to their questions from community experts. It will also let them work on common tasks like upgrading their accounts.

Google has claimed that these new upgrades offer an experience which is “User-tested”. As a part of this new update, under the Data and Personalisation tab, Google will now place options to enable or disable Web and app activities, location history, voice and audio activity, device information, and YouTube search history. The Security Checkup feature will show prominent alerts to the users for bringing improvement in key security areas, for instance, if the user’s account is active in any of his older devices, they will be promptly informed.

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