This Diwali Airtel decided to light up villages through “LightUpASmile” Solar-powered wall paintings

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As an initiative to serve the rural mass this Diwali, Bharti Airtel has come up with “Airtel Solar Powered Wall Paintings”. Installed on the walls of the villages, these normal walls stand as wall paintings in the daytime and turn into a source of light in the night. Although no much information is available about the places where such installations have occurred, Airtel has released a video showing the benefit of these Solar-powered wall paintings.


“We tried to light up smiles of a few children by helping them discover the joys of the Internet,” said the company in the description. The campaign named as “LightUpASmile” is slowly taking up the spirit of the internet.

Considering the fact that most of the Indian villages still face the hassles of lack of electricity, this initiative has gained a wide applause. Even in the villages with electricity, irregular supply of power causes trouble.

In the video, it shows that the wall also acts as a charging point. Besides, there is a plank that is fit on the wall, making facility for the children to keep their books to read the wall. In the evening, the lights automatically turn on and the appointed local teacher gathers kids to enhance their learning through an Airtel 4G-enabled tab. The video has definitely captured the sentiments of children in the rural village.

While this primarily acts as a brand visibility (because the painting is Airtel logo), there is also something that the company gives back to the society. It is not known if this campaign is for a limited period.

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The campaign ends up with a request to comment under the video. For every comment received on this video, Airtel aims to digitally empower one person and #LightUpASmile.

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