Day 6 of Spectrum Auctions: Highest demand seen for Kolkata in 900MHz and 1800MHz for MH circle

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The Government has received bids worth Rs 56,554 crore from telecom organizations after 42 rounds of auctioning on the sixth day of the spectrum auction for 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands.

For 1800 Mhz band Assam and kolkata witnessed an excess demand of 5 blocks whereas Maharashtra saw an excess demand of 10 blocks for 1800 Mhz. The total spectrum on offer is 46 MHz in 900 MHz band only Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata for 385 MHz in 1,800 MHz bands. Delhi, UP (West), Assam, Gujarat and Maharashtra are seeing abundance interest for 1800 Mhz.



The current auction is done to find a right price of the spectrum and will have no last date. It will go on every week from Monday to Saturday till the time telecom service providers keep bidding. Stay tuned for more information regarding the spectrum auction.

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