Cheers Mobile Can Now Cheer with a Million Subscribers on its lists

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Cheers Mobile Can Now Cheer with a Million Subscribers on its listsCheers Mobile Services today announced that it has touched one million subscribers mark across its 15 circles in India.

Cheers Mobile claims that the majority of subscriber numbers are coming from Mumbai and Delhi (NCR) circles, a significant 289,732 customers from Mumbai and 664,024 from Delhi, respectively.

To support a potential surge in new subscribers and maintain visible availability of Cheers Mobile services, a 30,000 strong retail footprint has been established across the two cities. Three state-of-the-art contact centres servicing close to one million customers a month in 11 regional languages ensure unmatched service delivery and care for the Cheers customers.

In Mumbai, the new entrant has showcased a substantial growth, acquiring almost 8-9% of the subscriber’s additions, making it the mid-high growth range of the first quarter of 2011. Mumbai and Delhi is closely followed by circles of Madhya Pradesh, UP (East) and UP (West), accounting for the subsequent largest net additions.

The company is aggressively expanding its infrastructure support to ensure their customers the best in business. With over 2,000 base stations established in Mumbai and with 1,800 sites for Delhi the firm has completed 70% of its roll out infrastructure.

A concerted effort is being placed by partnerships with leading names in the Telecom sector for requirements pertaining to IT Outsourcing, Telecom Equipments, Network Infrastructure and point of purchase channels to establish the same quality of network across all its 15 circles.

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