Bharti Airtel Ranked Amongst India’s Top Two Most Innovative Companies

Bharti Airtel Ranked Amongst India’s Top Two Most Innovative CompaniesBharti Airtel has been ranked amongst the top five firms in Corporate Reputation in India and Second on the innovation parameter amongst all companies.The current ranking of companies is based on Nielsen Corporate Image Monitor, an annual survey conducted by the Nielsen Company.

The survey is based on key parameters of corporate reputation including customer service, product quality, financial performance, workplace environment, corporate ethics, vision & leadership, and social responsibility.

In 2010, the Wall Street Journal had ranked Bharti Airtel amongst India’s most innovative companies in the Asia 200 Survey.

Nielsen Corporate Image Monitor 2010 represents the views of 1,705 people, including policy makers, investors, corporate executives, influence groups, corporate elite and the general public, across the top seven metros.The study point out that innovation is an increasingly important element in shaping a company’s reputation.

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April 8, 2011 9:50 am 9:50 AM
the main problem is reservations and our Constitution. Today All ministers sitting in their posts don’t even know what does their posts mean. Eg A raja, He didn’t know telecom ans so it was utilized by private telecom operators. And also got 3G late. Now its Kapil Sibal’s Turn, the same thing here also. If this anti corruption fight clicks then see there will be a big turn in India and no surprise if call rates once again goes high. We should have ministers who are well qualified and informative in that field. Bharthi Airtel is a big looter in… Read more »
April 7, 2011 11:35 pm 11:35 PM

@Tremerin Dsouza wel said..we hav to select the reliable company which will reliable to the customers and to the nation

April 7, 2011 11:06 pm 11:06 PM

@Vivek to evaluate the things what happened in BSNL …marvelus man hats of to u …come let us unite and eliminate the corrupts …unite behind ANNA