Bangalore City Bus Guide Now On Mobile Phones

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Bangalore City Bus Guide Now On Mobile Phonesm4mum is coming out with a very useful product of providing Bangalore bus guide on mobile phone – Mobile 4 Bangalore. Raxit Sheth, co-founder, m4mum has announced the availability of beta version to various technology groups of India and getting outstanding response from all over the India.

Raxit Sheth, co-founder, m4mum  quotes “Bangalore is Sillicon valley of India. Few people has tried to help daily 38 lakh people travelling using Bangalore city bus like providing Web based bus search, providing latest technology map, etc.

However if one observes many people in Bangalore are not having internet access while they are on go! Even if they have, internet access on mobile is slow, it costs GPRS charge (monthly rental or download charge), Mobile site (WAP site) required mobile web access and mobile user interface is slow and not so great.”

On the Mobile 4 Bangalore Neeraj Pattath highlights, “It is design in such a way that it will serve to majority people of Bangalore who have Java enabled phone which may range from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 25000.”

Mobile 4 Bangalore can be downloaded from ( of the main focus of Mobile 4 Bangalore is to empower and bring the technology to the Bangalorites make the life easier

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