Airtel forcing Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G customers to switch for postpaid ?

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Airtel and Xiaomi have introduced a new way of selling Note 4G devices, wherein a customer will book the device and then gets the delivery of the same in an Airtel outlet. This is certainly a better method of buying a Xiaomi device than those crazy flash sales on Flipkart.

When one tries to book the Xiaomi Note 4G through the Airtel portal the following message shows, if the person is not an Airtel postpaid customer

Untitled image (30)

So, it is evident that Redmi Note 4G is, as of now, only available for postpaid customers of Airtel and incase you want one you need to migrate to postpaid in order to buy the device! Is this just another tactic by Airtel to force subscribers to switch to postpaid.

We actually tried to check repeatedly if it is possible for us to buy the device but in vain. We wonder why this kind of step motherly treatment to prepaid customers as i myself am a Airtel prepaid customer from almost a decade and my monthly bills cross Rs.1000+ every time.


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