Airtel Broadband Rs 999 Plan Can Be Worth the Extra Spend Against JioFiber Silver Plan

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If the subscribers of broadband services are asked about some of the most popular plans and service providers out there, then the chances are that we are going to hear a handful of names and one of the top ones in the list is probably going to be Reliance JioFiber. Now, a little while ago, Bharti Airtel’s broadband services were not matching up to the levels of JioFiber, but with a little tweaking in the plans, some changes, the plans of Bharti Airtel are competing harshly with the Reliance JioFiber plans. This is true for the lower speed ranges, and the high speed ranges as well. There was a dearth of plans with Bharti Airtel which shipped speeds in the higher ranges like 300 Mbps or 1 Gbps. But with the introduction of the VIP Broadband plan in the Bharti Airtel broadband portfolio, things have taken a turn, and the competition is intensified between JioFiber and Airtel Xstream Fibre. That is also true for the price range around Rs 1,000. In this price range, here is how JioFiber and Airtel Xstream Fibre offerings compare.

Reliance JioFiber Silver Plan for Rs 849 Per Month

Firstly, we would have to take a look at the Silver plan being offered by Reliance JioFiber for Rs 849 per month. As subscribers of this fibre broadband plan, the customers will enjoy 100 Mbps speed and 200GB of data FUP in a month. Along with this, Reliance JioFiber is giving extra data FUP of 200GB, so the total data offering would be 400GB in a month. There would also be other additional benefits which Reliance Jio would be giving to the users like the free voice calling, subscription to OTT applications, and more. As part of the Welcome Offer, the Reliance JioFiber subscribers would be able to get a Jio Set-Top Box and a Jio Home Gateway too. If the subscribers get an annual subscription of this plan, however, they will enjoy 800GB monthly data, or two extra months of service depending on their choice.

Airtel Broadband Entertainment Plan of Rs 999

Coming to the Airtel Xstream Fibre broadband plan of Rs 999, which is the Entertainment plan, the subscribers enjoy up to 200 Mbps speeds and a monthly data FUP of 300GB. However, along with this, the subscribers also get some very attractive additional benefits which include Netflix subscription for three months, Amazon Prime subscription for a year, ZEE5 annual subscription and access to Airtel Xstream app as well. Also, for an additional cost of Rs 299, the subscribers can choose to make their plan an unlimited one, with unlimited data.

Which One to Go For?

Now coming to a one on one comparison of both these plans, although the Airtel broadband plan is almost Rs 50 more than the JioFiber silver plan, the former ships 100 Mbps more speed, which is just double the speed of the first plan. Another major feature, which the subscribers can make use of is the unlimited data option, which will set them back by Rs 299 but would avail them unlimited data at just double the speed. This would not be possible with Reliance JioFiber plan. The most that subscribers would be able to do would be to get an annual subscription, which would get them a maximum of 800GB data per month. Not only this but the additional benefits of having a Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription is something that most customers would be attracted to. On the other hand, while JioFiber does offer a free Set-Top Box, subscribers getting it would still have to get a separate connection from an LCO and pay for it.

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