Aircel Double Talktime offer looses Its Dhamaka

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Aircel Double Talktime offer looses Its DhamakaAircel the fast growing Pan India telecom operator in the country is well known for providing double TT on special recharge vouchers.

In the beginning when Aircel launched the services in AP, it came up with attractive Double TT plans for attracting customers and continuing the Double TT plans even now.

But what we wanted to say is there is a lot of change in the Double TT provided in the beginning to the ones which Aircel is providing now. Let us recollect and see what are those changes?

AIRCEL Launch in AP-Timeline

* Aircel Lunched in AP with Double TT packs.

That means you will get Rs100.63 in your main balance and Rs121.37 in your Promo Balance to be used within 30 days. Here we need to observe that the promo balance is not in M2M mins and is credited in Rs. So if you add any rate cutter pack (50 paisa /Min) to your base Calling plan you will be charged 50 paisa/min from your promo Balance or else 1Rs/min(With no rate cutter pack), which adds more benefit to the customer for calling.

A customer will be charged only from main balance if his promo Amount in Rupees ends and there after a customer will be charged from his main balance. Except VAS Services, calls, Sms and all other services are charged only from the Promo Balance if available.

* After a few days of silence and customers enjoyment, the Double TT pack transformed into the below way. From amount to minutes the transformation took so quietly.

The promo Balance is in M2M form and one cannot use it for any purpose other than calling in minutes.

1)With our new entrant Tata DoCoMo, Pay per second an innovative Tariff in the market ,AIRCEL also offered per second plan to its customers for free by sending an sms or by just making a recharge with Rs2 you will be converted to /sec tariff. But Double TT pack is not applicable to /sec customers.

2)After a couple of months AIRCEL re-introduced Double TT pack even for /sec plan customers and now finally Double TT packs are available to all the Aircel customers(Both /sec and /min plans) with the same plan as mentioned above.

3)Now recently Aircel started to message all its valuable customers with the message “ Last days to enjoy Your favorite Double TT on Rs111.From 11th March onwards Your favorite DOUBLE TT will be available at Rs150.Hurry”

4)The present Double TT Rs150 Pack details: Recharge with Rs150 get Rs135.99 TT and 165.01 Local M2M Mins, Val 30 days.

5)This is how Double TT transformed from Amount in Rupees to Talk Time in Minutes and now the RC even increased to RC150.This is what we noticed and what are your observations on Double TT in your circle? Do let other TT readers Know and share your experiences!

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