ACT Fibernet Now Offering Data Add-On Packs for its Broadband Users With 90 Days Validity

For the many users of ACT who run of out of the FUP limit, ACT has introduced a new data add-on plans. These new plans which come under the name of flexybytes+ provide longer validity and more options for the users who have already exhausted their data FUP limit. Although there were already other flexybytes data add-on plans, these new plans come with a 90-day validity and starts at Rs 225 and go as high as Rs 2,500. Subscribers of ACT Fibernet will now be able to use these plans whenever they want to use data after completion of their data FUP.

ACT Fibernet

Talking about the flexyBytes+ plans, the base plan starts at Rs 225 with 25GB additional data on offer, followed by a Rs 400 plan with 50GB data. The Rs 600 flexyBytes+ plan gives 100GB of data, and the Rs 1,250 plan gives 200GB of additional data. Lastly, we have the premium Rs 2,500 flexyBytes+ plan which offers 500GB of data. The flexyBytes+ data is valid for 90 days on top of your existing plan.

Also, do make a note that the prices mentioned above are exclusive of taxes. As stated, a user has to separately purchase a flexybyte plan upon exhausting the primary plan’s monthly alloted data. Earlier, the flexybytes used to be valid as per the primary plan’s validity, but now they have a separate validity of 90 days.

On top of that, ACT Fibernet displays the data of primary plan and flexyBytes data in the ACT Fibernet application, making it easier for users to track the data usage. A user can purchase the flexyBytes by heading over to the ACT Fibernet application or by logging into the company’s website.

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