Uninor’s ‘Majha Maharashtra’ Pack to Offer 51% Savings on Mobile Usage

Uninor Maharastra Day OfferIn the occasion of Maharastra Day Telenor’s Indian arm Uninor has launched a new Special Tariff Voucher – ‘Majha Maharashtra’ Pack to offer ‘sabse sasta‘ packs to its customers in Maharastra and Goa.

The Majha Maharastra pack is priced for Rs 58 and will offer unlimited Uninor to Uninor callings for 28 days in Maharastra and Goa. There is also a chota recharge – Rs 6 for one day for unlimited onnet calls.

Speaking about the Majha Maharashtra pack, Ritesh Kumar Singh, Circle Business Head, Maharashtra & Goa said that, “Why spend 51% more on your mobile bills? There is no better way to celebrate Maharashtra than to keep making mobile telephony affordable for the people of the state. Whether you are in Goa or Gondiya; or calling from Parbani to Vasai; wherever you are in Maharashtra, the “Majha Maharashtra” will take the worries of expensive phone calls away. I encourage Maharashtra’s mobile phone users to switch to Uninor and begin their savings today.

Uninor recently launched an unique initiative where Auto Rickshaw drivers double as to provide Uninor services on the go. Inititally launched at Pune, the Auto Recharge will be extended to Aurangbad and Solapur.

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  • Saurabh May 6, 2013 8:00 pm

    Whatever they do but one thing which I’m definite about is Telenor, Videocon and MTS will die some day and become a thing of past in coming years. After the implementation of free roaming, customers of these operators will suffer as in non-licensed circles they will continue to pay due to tie-up with other operators and this will force users to shift to those having Pan-India licenses. Beside this, they are focusing more on voice-based market with cheapest packs which is a risky thing to do. What I feel is Telenor, once it reaches break-even in 6 circles will either look for a merger with Indian company or will exit. Videocon on the other hand has retained license in 6 circles but company is not in expert hands who know the market well. Telecom is not a place for company like VTL and it never was. They never ever seemed to be a serious player. It will also merge or will be taken over by established players in coming years. It can be witnessed from their approach that they don’t know what to do next. They talk of LTE on 1800 MHz but the adoption of this will take another 5 years or so. So spending on it will be just waste of money as market is immature and 3G players are also struggling at this moment. So these operators will continue to be a secondary choice for majority of users and primary to some extent for those who don’t roam much.

    Beside this, there is a shift in consumer’s attitude in terms of QoS i.e Quality of Services. Few years back, consumer was ready to compromise on network for lower tariffs but that view is changing very quickly and now they are ready to pay more even if they get less with the operator having good network on Pan-India basis. So these retainers (VI-M-TEL) has to do enough for maintaining QoS and providing a better experience to the users wherever they have license. The current situation doesn’t tells so.

    In India, a service either it be 2G/3G or 4G can be hit only if it falls under AAM AADMI;s budget i.e dirt cheap or at least economical like 1GB for Rs.100. Even if it is Rs.150 for 1GB you won’t get much users and if you start giving 2GB for Rs.150, there will be flood of takers and broadband users will also shift to it.

    Price hike hasn’t benefited companies much as users are still with same packs or have reduced their usage. So Indian telecom market continues to be a tough matter to deal with. We can say it(price hike) is working if average ARPUs gets almost 1.5X of before but currently it stands 1.15X (Industry Average) i.e a users spending 100 before spending 115 now. :D

    • SS May 6, 2013 9:18 pm

      Dude, I am very hopeful about Telenor. It has serviced number of countries of the world and has a lot of experience on telecom strategy and business models just like telecom biggies of the world – AT&T, China Mobile, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, Telefonica (O2), Hutchison (3), etc.

      They are currently focusing on voice just like other operators do. As, they grow they will shift on data services too. Here in UP East, uninor has become very popular because its tariffs are affordable to majority of population here. Yes, on roaming one might be annoyed paying extra for partner network. Still doesn’t matter as everyone can temporarily afford that.

      So you must be hopeful about Telenor. Videocon must better focus on TVs and fridge! :-)

      • Rudradeep Biswas May 6, 2013 10:07 pm

        I don;t think Videocon is serious about its telecom venture, but both Sistema and Telenor takes India as a serious market. Telenor has wide presence in South Asia, and they don’t leave India, but there’s chance that Telenor may buy NTT Docomo’s shares in Tata Tele.

        ET reported that Aircel and Tata Tele merger but which seems impossible as Aircel is under CBI radar and Tata being very honest company will not go for it. But Aircel has wide assest – pan India 2G, 3G in 13 circles, 4G in 8 circles while Tata has no 4G spectrum. Telenor may go for Aircel but Telenor is not investing money for expansion as they are more focused for break even in all circles where they are operating. Even they are not interested in data in India, a market which is growing.

        MTS India has already plans to expand and roll out LTE in 2014-15 when the company is profitable. In the company there are stakes of Russian Govt, which proves Indo-Russian good relation.

        But no idea of Videocon what they will do. I believe it would be better if they go for CDMA spectrum in rural circles and later sold it to Reliance Jio. FDDLTE on 800MHz would help Reliance Jio for faster roll out.

        • aashu May 6, 2013 11:46 pm

          Here in up west in roorkee City uninor is so popular because of low tarriffs and affordable to aam aadmi.
          Uninor is rocking here every third person have uninor in my area.

    • Jay May 6, 2013 9:40 pm

      Bahut pata he bey tereko :p

  • tiger May 6, 2013 6:53 pm

    Guys please dont waste your time by going for this bakwass uninor, earlier they were good but nowdays expect atleast 8 calls for caller tunes or some other promotions and also lots of promotional SMS even if you do a DND every call that you make will first give you a 5-10 second promotional jingle and then connect
    This message is to everyone AVOID this Service provider………
    I am taking the time to right this down because this is my personal experience there is lots more but I dont feel its worth my time to keep on highlighting the issues so