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AT&T Reminds you “It can wait” – Drive Safe

In today’s world where everyone is glued to smartphone displays whatever they do – eat, walk, talk or drive, AT & T has come up with a powerful campaign that can save lives – “It can wait”. In the video “Close to home” which brings together a boy on cycle, a man, and a woman with a kid on their vehicles, all is well for the first few minutes. What… Read More


Global: Trade Privacy for Money, says AT&T

Charging for privacy is the new business frontier for internet service providers, proves AT&T, the American multinational telecommunications corporation. The service provider has begun to charge its GigaPower customers to pay more if they do not want to get spied for what they do online. AT&T’s GigaPower is a superfast internet service that lets the customers download 25 songs in a fraction of a second. It relies on fiber-optic cables… Read More


Unlimited Plans – Subscribers Dream & Operators Nightmare

Network and spectrum are pretty expensive things. Huge costs go in deploying networks. An operator who is ready to incur costs expects good return on investment. But the costs are so huge that it takes years for an operator to look at profits. Also they cannot charge heavily for service because they have incurred huge costs. So there is a trade off between what we expect and what we get.… Read More

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