Tata Sky Cashback Offer is Not Only About Extended Service, There is More to Know

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There has been a long row ongoing between the DTH service operators regarding the long-term packs. While the new tariff regime went into effect, there was a long-standing battle to decide whether or not these long-term plans will be discarded and later it was concluded that they would have to be done away with. This gave a chance to the DTH operators to come up with new long-term channel packs. Dish TV, D2h, and Tata Sky came up with different long-term plans. After the launch of the new tariff regime, Tata Sky introduced the Annual Flexi Plan which has recently been converted to the cashback offer. A lot of the times, the cashback offer from Tata Sky is counted only as the long-term plan from the DTH operator, but that is not the entire story of this offer. Let us clarify what that means.

Tata Sky Cashback Offer: What You Might Not Know

Previously, Tata Sky had rolled out the Flexi Annual plan as its long-term plan to compete with the other offerings which operators like Dish TV and D2h were putting out for their subscribers. However, the issue with Annual Flexi Plan was that the subscribers had to wait till the end of 12 months to get their amount. But, Tata Sky recently wiped the Annual Flexi Plan and instead changed it into the cashback scheme for the subscribers. Now, under this cashback scheme, the subscribers can make the annual payment for their Tata Sky subscription, and they receive a month’s worth of subscription amount in their Tata Sky account within 48 hours of making the payment.

Now, usually, the subscribers assume that the amount which they receive in their Tata Sky account would automatically be deducted for the 13th month of free subscription. However, what they often miss out on is the fact that the amount which they receive as part of their cash back scheme can be used towards other services as well. This means that Tata Sky subscribers who opt for the cashback scheme and receive the amount in their Tata Sky account within 48 hours can use it to avail additional channels, other Tata Sky services and more.

Getting Additional Services in Lieu of Cashback Offer

For example, if you pay Rs 500 every month for your Tata Sky subscription and for the cashback scheme, you made a payment of Rs 6,000 to Tata Sky. That would get you a Rs 500 cashback within 48 hours. Now, you are not bound to use this amount only for an extra month of service, and you can also decide to use this amount towards other services, which could include other Tata Sky services like Tata Sky Binge. In this case, the additional Rs 500 will get you two free months of Tata Sky Binge service, which costs Rs 249 per month. Or, if not Tata Sky Binge, you can decide to add additional channels to your subscription, or opt for some other Tata Sky service.

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