Tata Docomo Launches New National Roaming and Free Incoming Call Plan for Rs.29 and Rs.152

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It seems that the launch of RTP (Roaming Tariff Plans) is still not over – Tata Docomo has launched yet another 2 plans – RC 29 & RC 152, in addition to RC 152 & RC 252 launched on July 12 .

tata docomo roaming

Unlike previous offerings, the new Roaming Plans are lesser-priced & offer Tata Docomo Prepaid customers with Incoming Free roaming, while on Tata Docomo network. Summarising the 4 Roaming Plans for the benefit of Telecom Talk readers.

MRP Local (Home & roam) STD (Home & Roam) Incoming (Roaming on Tata Docomo network) SMS Local (Home & Roam) SMS National (Home & Roam) Validity
Rs. 29 Rs 0.015 / sec Rs 0.015 / sec FREE 1.00 1.50  7 days
Rs. 61 Rs 0.015 / sec Rs 0.015 / sec FREE 1.00 1.50 30 days
Rs. 152 Rs 0.78 / min Rs 0.90 / min Rs 0.75 1.00 1.50 60 days
Rs. 252 Rs 0.78 / min Rs 0.90 / min FREE 1.00 1.50 60 days

Off-Net Roaming (Non-Tata Docomo networks) would have the standard rates of Re 1/min (Local) and Rs 1.50/min (STD) and Rs 0.75/min (Incoming).Compared to other operators – RC61 is the most affordable for “Incoming Free” as other operators are all in the Rs 75-79 range (30 days validity).

Now all that remains is for the “Daily Roaming Pack” to be launched by Tata Docomo, which is already available with Airtel, Idea & Vodafone at Rs 5 per day.

Note: Do cross check with Tata Docomo before opting any plans.

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