Tata Docomo BuddyNet vs Uninor Call at 29p

Tata Docomo, the Tata-NTT DoCoMo JV which stirs the market with its innovative products from its launch time in June, 2009 is most aggresive telecom operator in recent times, steadily adding 3-4mn over the past four months. Tata Docomo launched Per Second Billing(PSB), other carriers opt it! Tata Docomo introduces cheap STD calling(1paisa/second), other have to do so. Tata Docomo also offers free missed call alert and voice mail. Well in SMS segment Reliance did the revolution. Recently BuddyNet comes out from Tata Docomo.

End of 2009 Uninor (Unitech-Telenor JV) also took its first flight in India, rings 7 circles at one day – with a cheapest 29p/min (local) & 49p/min (STD). But Uninor’s tariff is mostly got negative reviews due to its call set up charge of 39p and daily rental of Rs. 2. Inspite of this negative review Uninor registers 12 Lakh subscribers in its first month of launching.

Here is the exclusive comparison chart between the two plans:

Tata Docomo’s BuddyNet costs Rs 7/week while Uninor’s daily rental basis plan costs Rs 2 per day. Tata Docomo is backed by NTT Docomo when Uninor by Telenor, both are topmost global telecom players.

Tata DoCoMo’s Buddy-NetUninor’s Daily Rental Basis Plan
DetailsJoin BuddyNet for free, weekly rental Rs7 (per day cost Rs.1), for first month it’s free of cost as free trial.Pay Re2/day
TariffLocal 1p/6sec, STD 1p/2sec among BuddyNet membersLocal 29p/min, STD 49p/min
To which callsCheaper call rate among BN members(of course TD customers) who also paying Rs7/week(for first month free).You have to pay Rs2/day to call cheaper to Any time, Any numbers, Any network across India.
Leaving the planYou can leave BuddyNet anytime and go for TataDocomo basic plan of call rate 1p/secYou can migrate to Uninor’s 2nd plan where call set up charge is 39p per call.
What’s the DealSay, you have 5 friends to whom you like to call @ cheaper rate.


  1. you & your 5 friends have to be Tata Docomo customers.
  2. after the 1st month enjoying Buddy net free, frm the 2nd month six of you have to pay Rs 7/week

Cons: Everyone has to pay here.(Rs 42 per week for 1p/6sec among group of 6 people.)

Pros: It’s like network, everyone can connect at 1p/6sec.

It’s flat simple. You pay Rs. 2 daily and call any local no @ 29p/min
VerdictGet for 1st month free of cost! Then move to others for calling onnet numbers at cheaper rate, for eg Reliance’s UL/ ULweekend/UL night pack.Economically daily rentals are not good, you have to pay more than the daily rental, as in most cases you don’t get full talktime. For local calling Idea offers 40p/min. or get MTS for 1p/2s local & 1p/sec std for onetime lifetime recharge(Rs 95 / Rs 198)

Now it’s your time to say : “ab mera number hai”  but to whom it’s your decision.

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