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Tata DOCOMO, the GSM arm of Tata Teleservices Limited today announced that the Video Call and Data charges for its 3G mobile services (3G Life) in 9 telecom circles in  India. Tata Docomo's  basic 3G Video Call charges will be 5p/second while the effective voice call cost will just 0.66 paisa per second (approx 40p/min with bundled offers).

The 3G Data plan for prepaid users starts from Rs 350 valid for 30 Days while post-paid 3G Life Plan starts from Rs 500. All the 3G Life services plan comes with bundled tariff  that include data, Voice and Video calls.

For example with the monthly 3G Life Pack of Rs 2000 the subscriber would get 5000 minutes for Voice / Video calls, along with High Speed Data usage of up to 2GB per month.

All purchases and recharges of Tata Docomo 3G services done before 31 December 2010 will get an additional 100 MB of free data per month for the first two months, as an invitation offer.

TTSL also announced High Speed Unlimited 3G Data Card Plan for Rs 2,000 wherein subscriber would get 15 GB of data usage at a speed of 21.1 Mbps and beyond 15 GB would be free 3G with lower speed of 128 kbps.

Tata Docomo 3G services available in all the nine Circles where it has the 3G license—Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP (West), Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra-Goa.

Small Screen 3G Life Tariff Plans: Anytime Anywhere Call and Data Usage Plans Tata DOCOMO’s Small Screen Plan works best for mobile phone users who need both 3G voice and high-speed data connectivity. The plan offers customers a combination of voice minutes and data usage, with simplicity & transparency in both PostPay and PrePay.

Price Free Local/ STD Call Benefits (Per Month) Free Data Usage**
Rs.500 750 min 250 MB
Rs.750 1250 min 500 MB
Rs.1000 2000 min 1 GB
Rs.2000 5000 min 2 GB
  • These minutes can be used for ALL local, STD and outgoing roaming calls—all calls are on a per-second pulse
  • The options are designed at various price points to cater to different consumption levels
  • The above voice call minutes and 3G Data plans have a validity of 30 days
  • Plans available in both PostPay and PrePay, so customers can choose their payment preference
  • In addition, there is also a plan available only on Prepay for Rs. 350. This has 500 minutes (Local+STD) and 150 MB of 3G Data

** Special Attention for GPRS Users:

  • Mobile internet is not to be used for other activities (e.g. using your handset as a modem, voice or video over the internet, peer to peer file sharing). Should you exceed your fair usage limit or such use be detected,
  • TTSL reserves right to take action by restricting bandwidth, and/or suspension of data browsing and/ or temporarily suspend subscriber account in case of data usage in violation of fair usage policy.
  • TTSL may additionally manage customers' bandwidth at peak times to preserve the best experience for the greatest number of users.
  • Usage includes both upload and download of data.
  • Speeds mentioned are guaranteed upto the ISP node.

Small Screen Plans—3G Data Top-ups : Tata DOCOMO is also offering basic data packs for customers who want to try out 3G, and for those who want to top up on their above plans, or wish not to take the bundled plans as described above. The Data Top Up of Rs.200 comes with 200 MB while Rs 500 will provide 650 MB free usage.These Top-ups have a validity of 30 days each.The Top-ups are available in both PostPay and PrePay, so customers can choose their payment preference. In addition, there is also a Top-up available only on Prepay for Rs 90. This has 100 MB of 3G Data with a validity of 7 days and is offered as a trial pack. At present no data plans for using on desktop, laptop – Data Access will cost you flat 1paisa/KB (Rs 10/MB)on home and roaming 2G & 3G network

Worry-Free Unlimited Plans :

The consumption of data on high-end devices such as Tablets is high, while voice usage is negligible. Keeping this in mind, some customers are concerned about exceeding data limits and incurring high spends. It is keeping this factor in mind that the Company is offering Worry-Free Unlimited Plans—for those customers who want to enjoy 3G connectivity at blazing-fast speeds without worrying about high bills. Note: Voice and Video Calling is not available with these  Unlimited Data plans.

Speed Postpaid  Rental Prepaid RCV Free Data Post Free Usage at Lower Speed Validity
3.6 Mbps Rs.1000 Rs.1000 5 GB Beyond 5 GB to 15 GB, FREE at 128 kbps speed.

Speed Laval-3 : Up to 10 Kbps beyond 15 GB.

30 days
3.6 Mbps Rs.1250 Rs.1250 10 GB Beyond 10 GB, FREE up to 20 GB   at 128 kbps speed.

Speed Laval-3 : Up to 10 Kbps beyond 20 GB.

30 days
7.2 Mbps Rs.1275 Rs.1275 5 GB Beyond 5 GB, FREE up to 15 GB   at 128 kbps speed

Speed Laval-3 : Up to 10 Kbps beyond 15 GB.

30 days
7.2 Mbps Rs.1500 Rs.1500 10 GB Beyond 10 GB, FREE up to 20 GB   at 128 kbps speed

Speed Laval-3 : Up to 10 Kbps beyond 20 GB.

30 days
21.1 Mbps Rs.2000 NA 15 GB Beyond 15 GB, FREE up to 30 GB   at 128 kbps speed

Speed Laval-3 : Up to 10 Kbps beyond 30 GB.

30 days
Note: All above plans will be available with effect from 10 November 2010

Basic 3 G Plans :

Speed Postpaid (Rental) Prepaid (RCV) Free Data Validity
3.6 Mbps Rs.500 Rs.500 650 MB 30 Days
3.6 Mbps Rs.750 Rs.750 2 GB 30 days

In the Tata DOCOMO tradition of keeping things simple for the consumer, the plans are honest, simple, transparent and easy to understand. “Our very approach to 3G pricing has been to take the ‘worry’ out of telecom,” Mr Deepak Gulati, Executive President, Mobility Business Division, Tata Teleservices Limited, said. “Our dual-tone pricing strategy—Small Screen Plans and Large Screen Plans—provides tremendous flexibility and value to our customers, enabling them to choose options best suited to their usage patterns and share of pocket, thereby stamping out any worry or concerns over heavy usage and high bills. These tariffs are designed to offer total freedom to customers—to stop them worrying about bills, freeing them to explore the world-best 3G Life offered by Tata DOCOMO,” he added.

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