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Apple Might Finally Offer Cheaper 5G Smartphone

Apple, the premium smartphone maker, is expected to completely ditch making 4G iPhones. The Cupertino tech giant is expected to embrace 5G and only go ahead with manufacturing 5G iPhones from 2022. This also includes the anticipated iPhone SE 2022, which is expected to run on Apple’s A14 Bionic. Note that this doesn’t mean Apple’s iPhones won’t support 4G at all. The company might want to ensure that every device... Read More

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Apple Is Giving AirPods to Students Buying Macs, iPads for Free

Apple is contributing to the education system of India in its own way. The Cupertino tech giant is offering customers; not just limited to students but also the parents buying for their children, teachers, and educational staff at all levels free AirPods. According to an IANS report, the offer is already live for customers in India. Any eligible student going to college or a university for higher education can get... Read More

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Apple iMessage Not Regarded as Social Media Platform by Indian Govt

The Indian government is not looking at iMessage as a standalone social media platform like WhatsApp or any other application. Earlier, the Indian government had sent a notice to Apple India to get details on how the company is complying with the new social media rules. But as per an Indian Express report, the government has withdrawn its notice because it isn’t considering iMessage as a social media platform anymore.... Read More

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Apple Confident of Selling Way More Phones This Year With iPhone 13

The Cupertino-based brand, Apple, seems to be brewing a new strategy for sales in the background as we speak. The giant has revealed that it plans on amping up the production of Apple’s latest phones slated to be launched in the coming months, and that is the Apple iPhone 13 series. As per these reports, Apple is reportedly working on making at least 90 million handsets for sales which is... Read More

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5G Remains Far Away Despite Its Support on Smartphones

The fifth-generation network technology is something that has been touted to be an absolute game-changer in all aspects. The higher speed is just one thing about the new network tech, which has got all the people excited. With download speeds running into thousands of Mbps and multiple use cases ranging from health, telemedicine to education and manufacturing have got the big tech players interested in the technology. However, the fact... Read More

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Xiaomi Beats Apple, Vivo to Lead the 5G Race in India

Xiaomi is well known in India for providing powerful smartphones for a very cheap price. The Chinese smartphone maker has been very successful in gaining a larger market share against its rivals because of ruling in the mid-range and entry-level smartphone segment. As per data obtained from Kunal Sarkar, Vice President, PredictVu, Xiaomi has beaten Apple and Vivo to become the smartphone brand that sold the most number of 5G... Read More

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Apple Might Take a Major Leap With MacBook Pro’s Webcam

The MacBooks’ are considered as few of the best laptops in the world. They are sleek, look stylish, are powerful, and most of all, have a good life. Thus investing in a MacBook has hardly gone wrong for anyone. However, there’s one thing that Apple has been continuously doing with its MacBooks’ which is off-putting for its loyal fan base. The Cupertino tech giant has been using a 720p resolution... Read More

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Apple Sales Might Get Hurt in South Korea as LG Drops Plans of Partnership

LG, the South Korean tech giant, might be a winner in other markets comprising of TVs and other electronics but hasn’t had much luck when it comes to smartphones. This had led to LG talking with Apple regarding selling Apple phones through the LG stores. While South Korean Apple buyers might have been excited about this development, there were several parties that were not happy with this news. As per... Read More

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Apple Might Do Something It Has Never Done Before

Apple is known for its innovative and premium offerings. Earlier this year, we saw the launch of the iPhone 12 series, which ruled the market soon after the launch. Now, Apple is gearing up to launch multiple products this year. The new iPhone 13 series and a new iPad Mini is expected to be launched in the global market. However, the Cupertino giant is also planning to launch a device... Read More

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Apple Might Finally Ditch the Controversial Touch Bar in 2022

Cupertino based giant Apple has been expected to launch the latest MacBook Pro series of laptops that is quite popular with enthusiasts, later this summer. Today, DSSC analysts have backed the claims of certain people who tipped that the Touch Bar could finally be omitted from the 2021 MacBook Pros. In case you did not know, Apple has always been a big supporter of the Touch Bar, which has been... Read More

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Apple iOS 15 to Devoid Older Phones of Features like Spatial Audio, Live Text and More

The iPhone 12 series was a stalwart in a totally different sense as it introduced lots of new stuff to the Apple fan fraternity. The series also saw the debut of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini was basically the miniaturised version of the iPhone 12 with all the same specs, albeit a smaller battery. But, it’s the fall season again, and Apple is prepping itself to launch the latest iPhone... Read More

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iPhone 14 Might be a Much Better Upgrade Than iPhone 13

The only thing that iPhones lack at the moment is a high refresh rate display support. None of the iPhone 12 models has support for more than 60Hz refresh rate and can still burn a hole in the pockets of the customers. It is all expected to change with the iPhone 13 series, which might feature smartphones with 120Hz refresh rate. However, not all the models of the iPhone 13... Read More

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