Reliance JioMart Goes Live on WhatsApp in Some Areas of Mumbai

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Reliance JioMart is available on Facebook-owned platform WhatsApp in some parts of Mumbai. Some days back, the instant messaging platform giant Facebook invested Rs 43,574 Crore in Jio platforms. The availability of JioMart on WhatsApp seems to be the effect of the deal between the companies. However, the service is available to users who live in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kaylan situated in Mumbai. It is expected that the service will be rolled out completely in India after WhatsApp gets approval from the government.

How to Place Order on JioMart Through WhatsApp

It is expected that the JioMart service on WhatsApp will be available for the entire nation once the threat of Covid-19 is neutralized and business operates without any risk or hassle. Since the service is rolled out in some parts of Mumbai, users who are looking forward to place an order through JioMart has to save the JioMart’s number 8850008000 in their contact list. Once the number is saved, users have to send a 'Hi' text message to the number. After the message is sent, JioMart will forward a shopping link to the user along with text that would state that the link is valid for 30 minutes. The link will redirect the users in another landing page where they will have to fill necessary information. Once the information is filled correctly, users will see the new page with grocery items list which they can add to the cart. After the order is placed, JioMart will forward the invoice along with the address of the grocery store and location on Google Maps. Users will receive an SMS from the store when their order is ready, and they can pay directly at the store or through digital platforms.

Facebook-Jio Deal will Help 60 Million Small Businesses in India

The merger between Facebook and Reliance Jio will help 60 million small businesses in India. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the entire business and market have been disrupted, which is resulting in massive hassle and trouble. As small business contributes to the nation and majority of jobs in the country are related to the sector, Facebook and Reliance Jio is helping the businesses by laying a groundwork which will aid people and businesses in future.

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