Latest OxygenOS Features Introduced With OnePlus 8 Series

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OnePlus launched its most awaited OnePlus 8 series on April 14, 2020, via an online event. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer launched OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, IP68 Water resistance and many more exciting features. OnePlus during the official launch revealed some new features of OxygenOS. OnePlus has introduced a series of new features in OxygenOS, which will enhance user experience. Also, all the major features will be available for existing OnePlus users who are using older versions. As per reports, the Chinese smartphone manufacture has made 280 changes under the device to enhance performance and provide better optimisation. However, OnePlus has reserved some features, especially for the OnePlus 8 Series. Here are all the some of the new and most beloved OxygenOS features rolled out by OnePlus.

Ability to Call Amazon Alexa

One of the new features which OnePlus has rolled out exclusively for OnePlus 8 series is the ability to call out the virtual Assistant of Amazon that is Alexa. OnePlus 8 Series users will have to download the app to direct Alexa to open apps, play music or follow commands. Once the app is set up, users will have to navigate Alexa with their voices. It is expected that after some time OnePlus will roll out the feature for existing OnePlus users.

Navigation Gestures and Animations Retouched

OnePlus has simplified navigation gestures to smoothen the entire browsing experience. Also, to ensure that the performance of the device improves, OnePlus has retouched animations which will look stunning in the 120Hz refresh rate display of the new OnePlus 8 Pro. Not only this, customers getting their hands on the new series will witness faster processing and workflow because of the retouched animations and simplified navigation gestures. OnePlus has gone down the waters to provide customizations to users. The new updates will allow the users to play with advance settings of AMOLED Wide Gamut display, Display P3 and sRGB.

Google One Storage Worth 100GB

OnePlus knows that running out of space is an issue. To provide optimum storage, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is providing 100GB of storage for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones. The 100GB data will be available for Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive. However, the 100GB storage will just be available for 3 months. Once the three-month period is over, customers will have to pay for the extra storage or use the default 15GB free storage to back up their media files and documents.

Oxygen OS Dark Theme 2.0

OnePlus has also revealed that it has introduced the Dark Theme feature in more Apps. Major Chunk of users were looking forward to experience Dark Mode in several apps like Facebook, Instagram and many more. OnePlus has also launched dynamic wallpapers that will adjust its colour, which will be connected with the current outdoor temperature conditions.

Dual-Channel Download Acceleration

OnePlus has also revealed that users will be able to enjoy faster downloads with the dual-channel download acceleration. The feature will open both Mobile and Wi-Fi together to maximise internet speed and offer faster downloads. OnePlus has specially designed its devices to switch between different connection like 2G, 3G and 4G to provide faster speed to customers.

Cricket Card 2.0 Feature

Cricket is considered as a religion in India. There are many cricket enthusiasts who continuously lookout for live scores. OnePlus has treated cricket fans and users can customise the cricket card feature and select their favourite teams and enjoy the live updates of the match. Since the widget is available on the shelf, users will just have to swipe right to get updated with the live scores.

Work and Life Mode

OnePlus knows that managing work and personal life together can be hectic. Since both aspects are essential for survival, the OxygenOS allows the users to sort apps between Work Mode and Life Mode. Users can sort all the essential and working Apps in the Work Mode and decide a specific time for notification. Once they are done with work hours, they can switch off the notifications of the Apps. Similarly, they can sort all the social platforms in Life Mode and switch off the notifications of the app at working hours. The Work and Life Mode feature is the most used features by OnePlus Community as it sorts the entire day of users and enhances productivity.

Smart SMS Manager

Push messages are sometimes necessary. But mostly, message notifications and updates lower the experience of users. Since Push messages are mostly related to Promotional offers, OTP codes and more, OnePlus has 39 categorizations of messages. OnePlus smartly identifies the type of messages and sort them as per the category. Also, the new SMS box will result in quick actions to save precious time of users. All the message related to promotional bank offers will have a separate category. Similarly, messages of different categories will be filtered.

OnePlus has kept some features exclusively for the OnePlus 8 series. But we can expect that all new features like calling out Amazon Alexa, Smart SMS manager will be rolled out for the existing users. Till then, users can enjoy other enhanced features of the Oxygen OS update and have a premium smartphone experience.

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