OnePlus TV Leak Reveals MediaTek Chipset, 2.5GB RAM and Android 9 Pie Based OS

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This year is truly special for OnePlus because the Chinese OEM company is moving away from tradition in a lot of aspects. Whether it is by the launch of a second Pro device or by the introduction of the OnePlus TV. As much as people are awaiting the launch of the next OnePlus device, the imminent launch of the OnePlus TV has also hyped the public. We are getting to know more and more information about the OnePlus TV as the days pass and today also we have received yet another update on the OnePlus TV from the brand itself via a new tweet. In this new tweet, OnePlus India has revealed that OnePlus TV will support Dolby Vision. Notably, Dolby Vision is a popular format of HDR content, and this means that OnePlus TV will be able to run Dolby Vision HDR content.

OnePlus TV Leaked Specifications

Courtesy of a twitter user @androidtv_rumor who spotted the listing of OnePlus TV on Google Play Developer Console, we got to know some of the likely specifications of the OnePlus TV. There was a leaked specs sheet accompanying the tweet which revealed a lot about the upcoming OnePlus TV. If the tweet is to be believed, then the OnePlus TV will feature the MediaTek MT5670 SoC and the specs sheet highlights that this chipset features four Cortex-A53 cores and Mali-G51 MP3 GPU. It is worth noting that MediaTek currently has not issued any official information about this chipset as of yet. Other information about the OnePlus TV highlights that it would come with 2.5GB of RAM and Android 9 Pie operating system.

We already know that OnePlus is going to debut this device in the premium segment, and this means that OnePlus will likely tweak the software to its liking on its TV to ship an OxygenOS like feel on the bigger screens as well. Also, the TVs will come in various sizes, which is something that OnePlus has already announced. OnePlus has revealed that it would launch a 55-inch variant of the TV and other variants of the OnePlus TV might be somewhere in the range of 43-inches or 77-inches. Also, these TVs are likely to sport a QLED panel, and they would first debut in India, on Amazon.

Will OnePlus TVs Support HDR10?

As we speak about Dolby Vision, the techies might now be wondering if the OnePlus TV supports Dolby Vision, then there is a chance that it can also support HDR10 as well. About that, unfortunately, OnePlus has issued not any official word explicitly stating whether or not its TVs will support HDR10. However, since Dolby Vision is one HDR technology which requires licensing from Dolby and higher quality panel as well, it is generally the case that TVs supporting Dolby Vision usually support HDR10 as well.

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