MTS Withdraws Night (True) Unlimited MBlaze Rev A Plans

MTS India, country’s pure play CDMA operator has silently revised its data plan portfolio for its MBlaze Rev A customers.

In mobile broadband league apart from BSNL EVDO, only MTS was offering true unlimited data plans on its unique MBlazer 330 & 550 plans, for 15 and 30 days respectively during night hours (00:00 – 06:00). These night plans and weekend MBlazer 295 (6 GB for weekends in 30 days) have been withdrawn.


On the Rev B front aka MBlaze Ultra, MTS has no such true unlimited plans. And young generation did not opt much of its 3GPlus services and those are on night unlimited plans will leave this dongles. I would recommend to leave MBlaze and wait for Reliance Jio.

Inputs :Subham Kolay

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Niranjan Ramchandra
January 24, 2014 11:45 am 11:45 AM

Took BSNL EVDO today…..
I got 2gb net free with modem which finished in a hour downloaded torrents…
Speed in torrent downloading 328kb/s(Max speed) i.e 2.8mbps speed…Then i done 750rs unlimited pack same speed getting
Its really value for money data pack
People if you have good EVDO coverage then prefer BSNL EVDO i used MTS since last 3 years spent lot of money in it…Feeling guilty why i didnt take BSNL EVDO that time nly instead of taking mblaze….
Plz people dont fall in mblaze u will be cheated nly

January 24, 2014 7:28 pm 7:28 PM

where are you from???

Niranjan Ramchandra
January 24, 2014 11:26 pm 11:26 PM
I am from udaipur,Rajashthan…. Morning took BSNL EVDO card….. Now came to ahmedabad u will not believe the speed here for downloading torrentz is 390kb/s…And its continues from360kb/sec to 390kb/sec…. I downloaded full yaariyan movie full HD in 45min & file size is 1.25gb(1280mb) Superb…Now i dont have any more limits…Full time lappy & my bsnl evdo ON Really happy to have BSNL EVDO from udaipur to ahmedabad i was using my lappy connected by BSNL EVDO njoyed my journey…. But In middle some places EVDO coverage was not present so it went to CDMA 1x network which gave downloading… Read more »
raghav pareek
May 14, 2014 11:59 am 11:59 AM

niranjan does your modem does’nt get hot form prolonged use. please tell me what u do to keep it cool.I am also using it and it gets very hot withen an hour .thanks in advance

January 23, 2014 9:16 pm 9:16 PM

they also withdrew 15 gb for 1500 for 3 months plan. now it costs 2000. thats enough for me to dump it. got bsnl evdo . but here bsnl gave me 2.4 mbps modem :/

January 23, 2014 4:33 am 4:33 AM

thnxx Rudradeep Da for the info….. now im going to throw my m-blaze modem in the dustbin ….. even mts providing 1gb data @ 248 Rs. ……. wtf…….
going to buy a 3g modem….. and bsnl/reliance are there…… so, no problem…… 😀
RIP MTS …… 😛