MIUI 12 to Upgrade Privacy Protection for Users

Xiaomi is going to officially roll out MIUI 12 with enhanced security measures and Dark Mode 2.0 on April 27

  • Xiaomi going to release MIUI 12 on April 27
  • MACE an AI program of Xiaomi to tighten the privacy security
  • Dark Mode 2.0 coming with the new update

Xiaomi recently announced that it is going to come out with its MIUI 12 on April 27. The Chinese manufacturer noted that with MIUI 12, your privacy protection would be strengthened and your data will be more secure than ever. In the development of MIUI 12, privacy protection has been one of the major components. The latest MIUI 12 got its certification from German TUV Rheinland. Xiaomi has specially designed a privacy protection software named ‘MACE’ (Mobile AI Compute Engine) to come out with MIUI 12. MACE is an AI framework which will be actively blocking all the privacy security threats in your smartphone.

MACE Allows Offline Computing Of Data

With the help of MACE, the need for uploading users data into the cloud will be gone. MACE allows offline computing of data, and it can be completed directly in the smartphone only. Since the data will become computed in offline mode, it will protect it in a great deal from all the hackers preying on the data uploads. ‘Differential Privacy’ protection algorithm has been used by Xiaomi in the MIUI 12 system, which will manipulate the data. It will add some fake information to the original data at the same time ensuring that the user’s data gets no harm from it. The user will always have an option to extract the original data for him/herself.

Dark Mode 2.0 to Be Introduced by Xiaomi 

Xiaomi is also going to bring Dark Mode 2.0 with its MIUI 12. Currently, the MIUI 11 runs with the Dark Mode 1.0, and even though it has been good, it still lacks some basic functionalities which were pointed out by users in the Mi Community. The Dark Mode 2.0 will come with all the updates and is expected to enhance the user experience. With this, the MIUI 12 is also going to support the Vientiane Screen, and AOD (Always-on-Display) will support the non-linear animations. Xiaomi has promised that it has over 1000 third-party animated AOD styles to put users mind to ease.

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