Miniature Base Stations At Your Home

Miniature Base Stations At Your HomeHello would you like to have a base station?

Well, not really base station doesn’t fit my house. So how about a tiny base station that sits somewhere in the corner of house. Sounds interesting?

Basically, a mobile is connected to a base station all the time to make or receive calls the stations are huge antennas and serve hundreds of people.

These bases stations are connected to the operators core network. Since the spectrum is limited, the base station can serve only limited number of people at a time if the network is congested then the calls start dropping that’s the case with voice network.

No congestions, no more low speeds. Yes, the technology is here. Well, its not exactly in India yet, but hope it will be soon. The base stations are reduced to size of your palm and are called as “Femto Cells”.These femto cells are small access points that can be bought once installed at your home, it will have a secure connection to the service providers network.

Once you switch on your mobile, instead of camping on to the base station, will camp on to the femto cell since the power from it is much higher than the base station.

The spectrum will be same as the base stations so no more congestions but fetmos cover a limited area, say 25 meters in radius. Femtos can be configured for various services like a welcome message once you connect to them. 🙂

Femto’s never made a business case in Indian markets till now. But with 3G coming, femtos does make a good business strategy to operators as well as customers. Enterprise can also make most of it by installing femtos that serve their employees. Things does get better, but with some security drawbacks.This was a quick peak into the maybe future, but lets hope to see the tiny devices soon.

Lots in the way, dont miss the ride.

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August 16, 2010 11:27 am 11:27 AM

Sorry, i meant to say “4MBps or higher WIRELINE broadband speeds”

August 16, 2010 11:07 am 11:07 AM
@Varun I seriously doubt it. Even AT&Ts femto cell, reduce the BTS load because they route the voice data through the IP network of your broadband. People in US can use this because, they have about 4MBps or higher wireless broadband speeds. Consider the same situation in India. We have 512kbps to 1MBps connections and you keep watching youtube. Either BB speed suffers or the femto cells voice suffers. If you still insist, they have independent back haul, what do they use? Is it a wireless tech or what? Most BTS’s back haul are in the range of several Megs… Read more »
August 16, 2010 9:03 am 9:03 AM
@gaurang There are quite a few reasons for article to be not in detail. First, femtos are still emerging. The real meaning to femtos would come into picture with LTE (Home eNB’s) which still is not in deployment. The existing 3G femtos are used by operators in different ways. Its just the way you look at it. May be it used to enhance the coverage, may be it is used to provide customers nice 3G coverage at their home so that base stations are less overloaded, may be the femtos shall run on existing dsl internet line that customers has.… Read more »