JioFiber Substitute Broadband Plans That You Could Consider for a Worthy Alternative

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Reliance JioFiber has introduced many plans for the interested customers who want to get a high-speed fibre connection. It was last year when Reliance Jio announced its plans of introducing the fibre-based broadband service. However, in this year, all the other broadband service providers have also upped their bar and introduced high speed fibre broadband services. Also, previously these companies were providing these plans for a lot more rental, but to gain a competitive advantage in the market against the Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator, these companies are now shipping the high-speed plans with reasonable pricing. Here are some other broadband service providers that can act as substitute for Reliance JioFiber.

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Airtel Broadband Plans

Airtel broadband has two plans in its roster which can interest the customers who want to experience speeds beyond 100 Mbps. The first plan is the Airtel Premium broadband plan of Rs 1,599. This plan offers 300 Mbps speed and 600GB monthly data and 1000GB additional data valid for six moths. The additional benefits in this plan include Netflix for three months, Amazon Prime subscription for a year, ZEE5 subscription and access to Airtel Xstream app. There is also the Rs 1,999 VIP broadband plans by Airtel which offers 100 Mbps speed and unlimited data. This is one plan which offers unlimited data and high speed which can actually be a reasonable deal for the subscribers. The additional benefits in this plan remain the same. Airtel is also now shipping 1 Gbps plan called the Airtel Xstream Fiber which is also offering 3.3TB data per month for Rs 3,999, another plan which competes with JioFiber.

ACT Fibernet Plans

ACT Fibernet is one service provider which is actually offering many speed options to the customers. The first plan is the ACT Storm plan offering 100 Mbps speed and 400GB monthly data and this plan comes for Rs 1,159. ACT is also shipping 1500GB data for the subscription period which becomes the major plus point with ACT plans.

Tata Sky Broadband Plans

Tata Sky is also offering plans which offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps or more. For example in Bengaluru, The Rs 1,249 plan, the subscribers will enjoy 300GB data at 100 Mbps speed. The Rs 1,599 plan by Tata Sky broadband offers 750GB at 100 Mbps speed as well. The 100 Mbps unlimited data plan by Tata Sky in the same region is available for Rs 2,400. For six months subscription, the subscribers can enjoy an extra month of service and for 12 months subscription they can enjoy additional three months of free service.

You Broadband Plans

The Vodafone subsidiary, You Broadband is also shipping some attractive plans to its subscribers. There are many options for You broadband subscribers for a month, two months, three months and more. The monthly subscription option include Rs 1,784 plan which ships 1000GB data at 100 Mbps speed. There are also plans with 150 Mbps speed and 200 Mbps speed.

Spectra Broadband Plans

Spectra is another service provider which is offering its services in select cities and it is offering gigabyte plans at a very affordable rate. For example, the 250 Mbps plan with an effective monthly price of Rs 799 offers 750GB per month data and data carry forward facility. On annual subscription of this plan which sets back the subscribers by Rs 14,146, they will be able to enjoy unlimited data at 250 Mbps speed, and three months of extra service as well.

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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