Reliance Jio Prepaid Users Can Still Avail Old Recharges But There is a Condition

Reliance Jio subscribers who do not have any kind of active prepaid recharge will be able to still see the older prepaid recharges before the tariff hike

  • The new tariff plans are up to 40% higher as compared to previous ones
  • Jio has plans up to yearly subscription as well
  • There are now plans with 1GB data per day

If we are to ask about anything that has affected the prepaid subscribers in the telecom industry in the last few months, then we would get the answer as data tariff hike. This hike which came on the prepaid plans, affected millions of consumers and spanned the entire industry. The subscribers alike were baffled with the new price hike. A lot of the people dealing in the Jio SIM recharges had expected a price hike of up to 30% but everyone was left surprised that operators like Reliance Jio also agreed to hike prices and that too by 40% in many cases. As a result, the subscribers are now paying more for the services and almost the same benefits that they were enjoying previously. Similar is the case with Reliance Jio subscribers. But, there is one trick that the Jio subscribers might have missed out on. This tip will help the subscribers in recharging with their old plans instead of recharging with the new plans. This means that the select subscribers of Jio will be able to recharge with the old plans which are cheaper instead of paying for the expensive plans. Here is what you need to know about it.


Accessing Old Jio Prepaid Plans

The Reliance Jio subscribers who will have access to the old plans will be the ones who do not have any active plans in their account right now. This means that you will have to visit the website of Reliance Jio or the official self-care application, and here on, you will be able to log in and see the older plans for recharge. This basically means that Reliance Jio is giving another chance to its subscribers to recharge with the older plans and to spend less on these prepaid plans. In case you already once recharged with a new prepaid plan in the last few days, then you will not get the old plan listing. You will have to be with no active recharge in your Jio account to get a glimpse of the old plans.

Specifically speaking, the subscribers will have to navigate to the Settings sections after logging in to the website using the mobile number and OTP, and then they would have to go to the setting section. Over here, they would have to tap the “Tariff Protection” button where they would get to see the old plans.

Reliance Jio Prepaid Plan Data Tariff Hike

After the data tariff hike, Reliance Jio has increased the prices of all its prepaid plans and Jio is not the only one to do so. In fact, the Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator has said that even with the price hike, its prepaid plans are around 25% cheaper than the competition. However, the thing to note with the Reliance Jio prepaid plans is that calling remains something that is still somehow chargeable on the Reliance Jio prepaid plans, thus explaining the price difference. The other telecom operators have made their plans such that they are now offering truly unlimited calling. But that is not the case with Jio, and the telecom operator is charging its subscribers with 6 paise per minute IUC after a certain threshold. The subscribers will have to get special IUC talk time for this. It is worth noting that Jio pays the most IUC to other telecom operators courtesy of the highest number of outgoing calls that originate on its network.

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This was inevitable as this is nothing more than a shrewd business strategy. 1) make competition kneel by offering product or service almost free/loss making price, some competitors will cease to exist & some will match the offering. 2) after effects of point no 1, less supplies, less suppliers but demand is same or increasing. 3) wait for the right moment when demand is rising exponentially, increase the price as customers are trapped due to less choices available unlike earlier, instead of 7-8 companies it’s only 3-4, now they can form cartel & recover all the discounts given in past.

Prosenjit Sarkar

Thanks Arpit for sharing. I just saved rs 25 by recharging my home jiophone number.

Ranaghat, West Bengal

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