Infographic: Indian Broadband Service Landscape and Challenges for Last Mile Connectivity

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As on 31, May 2018 – the total number of Wired Broadband Subscribers is 1.794 crore (17.94 Million)  in India. While the numbers of wired connectivity subscribers are not impressive, being optimistic is the first quality to achieve a target or conquer a business.

Wired broadband is an under-penetrated market in India, be it for demographic limitations, user requirements, expenditure or expansion constraints. Wired broadband subscribers are less when compared to wireless subscribers and population density. Though, India is one of the countries where Gigabit speeds are available to the consumers, the overall average broadband speeds and reach is less compared to those countries topping the list.

Indian Broadband Service Landscape:

Unlike Wireless market, Broadband market if fairly played, is a very sticky market and it is difficult to reach every corner and grab a share of the pie. I presume everyone is aware of the population density and demographic limitations of our country. Amidst all the issues, customers are enjoying uninterrupted wired broadband services in places of service availability. That said, I will now focus on the core intention of this analysis.

Ever wondered about the services provisioned on broadband to customers? My ISP provides unlimited internet and content, what about others? Are you getting that competitive edge? If you have these questions in mind, the below infographic which is a map of all the service offerings from all the ISP's combined as on date will answer them in one go.

Now, my Infographic Analysis will focus on the 'What' (Services) and 'Why' (Hurdles) aspects of the Broadband Service landscape and problematic reasons for expansion in our country. Though the infographic is self-explanatory, I have shared my opinions where required.

Indian Broadband Service Landscape: The What (Services) Aspect


Note: You can also view the full width image by clicking this link.

Among all the services listed above, which is your favourite? What makes your ISP unique that provisions you with a service or a feature you like?  

Challenges for Last Mile Connectivity:

Ever observed your vicinity keenly? The problems are pretty evident and open. The primary reason is the lack of trunk infrastructure. Unlike planned cities, unplanned cities have less privilege for infrastructure planning and development. Result? You can see a lot of cables and fibre connection terminals or equipment hanging on the poles.

Reported by ET Telecom have you read this piece of News:  Cable disconnecting activity a blow to the Digital Bengaluru plan? BBMP/Govt. had a version to say, and COAI said they had obtained all permissions. Maybe a conflict of opinion, thoughts or actions but the infrastructure and digital connectivity is at stake.

While it is easy to roll out wired broadband to certain gated societies or apartments, ask a ground level personnel about ease of expanding and he will have many reasons which people cite that restricts his primary goal. There are many areas to cover other than those developed societies or apartments to achieve the last mile connectivity goals as ours is a diverse market.

The case discussed may not be the same with every ISP as the infrastructure arrangement differs with Network Architecture and scalability. Everyone needs broadband connectivity, but no one allows the installation (shelters and house for electrical and telecom equipment) of infrastructure as users cite own reasons. Typical scenario: I need a broadband connection, but the splitter or junction box should not be at my premises. Agree with or not, the actual case at ground level.

Challenges for Last Mile Connectivity: The Why (Hurdles) Aspect


Not only at an individual level, but there are also hurdles which hamper coverage expansion plans or ensure smooth services to customers. I have had heard and witnessed many of the ground level issues such as fibre cutting, expansion troubles, legal issues, power supply and other anti-competitive practices that prevent service providers from offering a seamless experience.

No doubt Broadband Infrastructure is required for transforming India but is it wired or wireless or both? So, as a customer what do you feel about the wired Broadband position of our country and what do you prefer - wired or wireless? We are also eager to know if provided with optical fiber connectivity, how would you consume the data? What might be your parallel use cases? Do let us know via comments.

Disclaimer :The infographic is out of the knowledge capacity of the author and the key lists/services referred may not be exhaustive or replica of the real case scenarios.

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