How Indian operators can market their services in the current scenario ?

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Technology definitely is an incomparable component/parameter. It should be agreed that nothing can compete an upgraded experience provided by a successful next generation technology. It is also important to note that not all technology upgrades are worthy. Answers to questions when, where and why do play a vital role in utilizing technology to its full potential. Leaving the aspects of technology now I will delve to the point straight, yes our current telecom sector has technology gaps and there is a need to bridge the gap. Since network up-gradation is not an overnight task, let us give some relaxation for it for now.


So, we will now go ahead and see how can operators in the current market scenario with multiple challenges market their products or services, also it is worth a point to mention that not all consumers are tech-savvy and aware of the technical advantages or disadvantages inside out. It's altogether a different ecosystem or landscape in India, at least for now from what I can see. So, I'm dividing the existing operators into two segments based on the current market scenario. It's definitely a disadvantage to have 4G only network on whatever point you argue, at least in the current market scenario and existing audience. It is also difficult to compete with one version of technology using another version of technology, I can say not a level field to run a competition or bundle something, but I can still see there is a scope to pave a way to differentiate.

The below are from an operator specific perspective to any end consumer and not my endorsements:

Operator Segment 1: 4G/LTE-VoLTE only Network
1. By marketing their wide and superior 4G coverage; it's a matter of experience and fact again.
2. With the wide availability of 4G, a consumer doesn't need any other technology network to fall back, you will have our 4G covered always.
3. Any user needs a compatible LTE/4G smartphone to experience data services and VoLTE supported smartphone to enjoy both quality voice and data services.
4.Superior HD Voice clarity on VoLTE only supported smartphones.
5. Always be connected to high-speed networks.
6. You can use our application offerings to avail bundle of various services.

Operator Segment 2: 2G/3G/4G-fallback Networks
1. SIM/Services can be used on any phone specific to technology, no specific to be precise requirements.
2. Reverse compatibility on any kind of mobile device. Use your 4G SIM in case required on any device supporting 3G/2G or 2G only networks as well.
3. By marketing their wide and superior 2G/3G/4G coverage; it's a matter of experience and fact again.
4. If your 4G phone is dead you can use our services on any backup phone without waiting for a specific device and continue using our services.
5. Not a compulsory requirement to latch on to only 4G/LTE network when there is no use of heavy data services, you can fall back to 3G/2G networks for just being connected.
6. Can preserve battery by latching back to 2G only services when the phone battery is about to exhaust.
7. Superior HD voice on upgraded 3G networks.
8. If 4G network is not available, can latch on to 3G, if no 3G availability, latch on to 2G network.
9. If 4G services are facing issues, you can fall back to 3G else to 2G network and continue using technology limited services for continuous connectivity needs in case there are intermittent issues with a specific technology.
10. In specific requirement cases, you can use the same SIM or services in any non-camera basic mobile handset.
11. Can use SMS/USSD/Voice/Cell Info services on any mobile handset supported.
12. Along with the above benefits, you will also enjoy application specific benefits as well.
13. You can use OTP SMS services on any mobile device.
14. You will not have any issue in using our services on a Dual SIM phone.

As technology changes the specifications and facilities also change. The use cases which are/may be apt in the current market scenarios are discussed here. These may not be the same tomorrow or the market requirements may change as per the changing socio-economic conditions and the same may not be claimed or focused by operators as well. Dear readers, I have discussed some cases which are apt in the current market scenario, and what do you feel about them? Do let us know via comments or tweet me @Srikapardhi.

Customer service, various other competing products and services are a different side of the coin that can be discussed in a different article. To make the article crisp and clear I have discussed only about Network section of the story.

Note: Views are author's own. Only the current market scenarios are taken into consideration. No network sharing agreements or Infrastructure tie-ups are taken into consideration. Tariff competition, Technology comparison, disadvantages/advantages of any technology or upgrade is not in the scope of this article.

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