Hathway Broadband Plans Starting at Rs 850 Per Month Offer 50 Mbps Speed and Four FUP Options

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Out of all the broadband service providers out there, the cable TV companies enjoy a special benefit over the other telecom operators and that is of last mile connectivity and a massive network of already existing cable reaching out to the customers’ homes. This has helped the cable TV companies in deploying fibre networks to provide high speed broadband services to the customers at a very cheap rate. One of the most popular companies of this kind in the broadband space is Hathway broadband. There was a time a few months back, when Hathway Broadband plans were not considered that attractive and they were feeble in front of the competition. However, over time, Hathway has increased the attractiveness of its broadband plans and now ships them with attractive offers, making them a steal deal for the customers. These plans a are especially suited to subscribers who are not looking for ultra high speeds but instead something better suited for streaming. If that defines your broadband needs, then keep reading to find out about the Hathway fibre broadband plans.



Hathway Fibre Broadband Plans FUP and Other Details

The first plan in the Hathway Fibre Broadband portfolio is the HD Elite plan and it offers 50 Mbps speed like the other plans in this pool. The monthly FUP in this plan is 50GB and the post FUP speed for the subscribers is going to be 2 Mbps. It is also worth noting that the subscribers will not be able to get this plan on a monthly basis and the minimum commitment would be for three months, which would set them back by Rs 2,549. Similarly, six months and twelve months subscription charges would be Rs 4,949 and Rs 9,349 respectively.

Moving up the ladder, we have the HD3 Stream plan by Hathway Broadband which also offers 50 Mbps speed, but the data offering is doubled at 100GB. The post FUP speed remains 2 Mbps only. As for the subscription charges, the subscribers will have to pay Rs 2,999 for three months of subscription, Rs 5,699 for six months and Rs 10,999 for twelve months of subscription.

The HD Bliss broadband plan by Hathway packages 50 Mbps speed and 150GB data with a 3 Mbps after FUP speed. The rental of this plan is Rs 3,899 for three months, Rs 7,599 for six months and Rs 14,299 for twelve months. The HD4 Stream plan by Hathway Broadband is also similar in this regard as it offers 200GB data with the same 50 Mbps speed and an after-FUP speed of 3 Mbps. The rental for this plan has been listed as Rs 4,499 for three months, Rs 8,599 for six months and Rs 16,499 for twelve months.

There is also an unlimited fibre broadband plan by Hathway which offers 2 Mbps speed throughout the entire month. The rental of this plan is Rs 2,399 for three months, Rs 4,699 for six months and Rs 8,799 for twelve months.

Hathway Fibre Broadband Plan Competition

While Hathway is offering some attractive Fibre plans to its customers, there is also no lack of competition in the market especially in the fibre broadband department. The biggest competitor for Hathway right now is Airtel Xstream Fibre which offers up to 1 Gbps to the customers. Not only this, but the subscribers also have the option of making their plan into an unlimited data offering by paying Rs 299 extra. The subscribers also enjoy many unique additional benefits which are not present on Hathway Fibre broadband plans.

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There is one value plan. 1899 for 336 days. Also there is no hike on JioPhone or JioBharat plan.

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