Gaurav Hasabnis Reviews Reliance Mobile Internet in Mumbai

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I am using the postpaid GSM servcies from Reliance Communications from the time when they launched their services in Mumbai telecom circle. Approximately close to a year back. From day 1 the company offers GPRS/EDGE services over postpaid connections. But in Reliance things are not so simple for the GPRS access.

Reliance offers two types of Internet services on their Post Paid GSM cards. First is Full GPRS/EDGE services through Reliance Netconnect Platform & the second is Reliance Mobile Internet which is technically more advance version of WAP services.

The Reliance Netconnect is basically accessed through the APN called RCOMNET. Its charged as per minute based plan rather than the usage based. The charges are 60 paise/minute in Peak hours & 30 paise/minute in Off Peak hours. Its a full fledged Internet service & its a TCP/IP connection. We can connect our phones to PC or Laptop to enjoy the Wireless Internet on the move. Also it does not feature any proxies. The speed I get in this plan is generally varies from 180 Kbps to 260 Kbps in Mumbai as well as in Pune. The biggest drawback of this plan is the COST STRUCTURE. When the charges are like 60 paisa / minute, means it is 36 Rupees / hour which is too high. Also the off peak rate is 18 Rupees / hour for night usage which starts after 10 pm.

Reliance GSM actually do not promote this service through their own Reliance World outlets which are Company managed. But as a subscriber of GSM Postpaid services of Reliance we can always use this APN RCOMNET. Also every Postpaid SIM card of Reliance comes with embedded settings for all 3 APNs, mainly for Rconnect, Reliance MMS & Reliance Mobile Internet (RelianceMBWorld).

The second service is called the "Reliance Mobile Internet" which is accessed through the APN RCOMWAP. Its basically a more advance version of WAP services. Now all of you will be curious to know more about it. Its basically a full fledge Internet but we can only access it on our Mobile Phones. It is not possible to connect our phone to PC or Laptop to use it as Wireless Internet like Rconnect facility. The service is filtered through a proxy which disables the TCP/IP protocol which requires for the PC. This Internet is basically using the HTTP Tunnel/Protocol. So basically all our phones which support HTTP Protocol can use this service. Now a days every GPRS enabled phone supports this protocol so no issues here.

Now lets see the cost structure/tariff plans here. There are few plans are available under this APN which are as follows. All these plans are latest plans as of today.

Default Plan50 paisa / 1MB per session.
Daily PassRs.10  for 25 MB Data Cap

(24 Hrs Validity)

Unlimited (Auto Renewal)-Monthly Rs.299 in which Unlimited Downloading & Browsing Allowed without any Free Usage Policy (FUP).

-Monthly Rs.99 in which only unlimited Browsing is allowed & all data downloads will get charged as per the Default Plan.

Value Packs (Auto Renewal)Monthly Rs.199 / 750MB Data Cap

Monthly Rs.99 / 300MB Data Cap

In above plans after the free quota gets exceeded, charges will be 50 Paisa / 1MB per session.

I am currently using the Unlimited Plan 299 pack which is actually truly Unlimited without any FUP quota. But it can only be used in our Mobile Phones. Means we can not use it to have Wireless Internet for our Laptops. Now this connection is HTTP based, there are also some drawbacks attached to it. These are as follows.


1. Its HTTP based Internet Connection rather than Socket based connection. So all those Apps which require only Socket connection wont work. Examples: Many Push Email services Like Nokia Messaging Services, EMOZE Push Email, SEVEN Push Email. Also inbuilt email client in Nokia wont work, as it also requires the Socket Connection.

2. All Messenger application does not get connected due to HTTP Protocol. Nimbuzz, Fring, Ebuddy (which used to work earlier), Palringo does not work here as all require Socket based Connection to the Internet. The only exception here is the ROCKETALK application which is more than a multiprotocol messenger client. Check

3. Some GPS Navigation apps dont work like Sygic Maps, etc.

Applications which work with this Internet Connection on RCOMWAP APN:

Before specifying you the application names, one thing I would like to tell you that all the applications which I have tested or I use are based or designed for Symbian Platform. As I am also a Symbian Beta Tester, I have maximum play with Symbian Smartphones like Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N79, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia 5800, Nokia N96, Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung Omnia I8910 HD 16GB, Samsung INNOV8 I8510 8MP 16GB etc. But I have also tested this Internet Connection on Windows Platform 6.5 & 6.1 Pro on mainly Samsung Omnia II I8000 8GB & HTC HD2.

Now applications which work with this APN RCOMWAP on Symbian Nokia & Samsung & Windows Platform 6.5, 6.1 Pro devices:-
Opera Mobile 10
Opera Mini 5
Gravity (Twitter Application)
Google Maps
Nokia Maps 2.0
Nokia OVI Maps 3.x
News Hunt by ETERNO INFOTECH for News paper reading
GARMIN GPS Navigation system
GMAIL from Google
Orkut App from Google
Google Search by Google
Facebook Application by Nokia
ROCKETALK Social Messenger
160by2 web sms application.

So you will ask then whats the great advantage here? The biggest advantage is that all those smart-phones based on Symbian & Windows with full touch screen can enjoy full fledged Internet access that also in pretty high speed ranging from 180 Kbps to 290 Kbps (RCOMWAP APN, tested in Mumbai & Pune in various parts of both the cities).

I am using this connection currently on Nokia N97 mini & Samsung Omnia HD I8910 16GB. The real feat is when I got the instant connectivity under this APN while travelling Mumbai to Pune in Intercity Express. I was getting very high speeds around 220Kbps on average through my travel. The only exception when the Train was traveling in the Ghats Section from Khandala to Lonavla. I tested this connection for many times traveling in different trains for Mumbai to Pune travel & its works superbly.

People who want instant & blazing fast speeds on their Smartphones based on Symbian like Nokia 5233, 5230, 5800, N79, N96, N95, N82, N86, N97, N97mini, Nokia N900 (Maemo 5), Samsung Omnia HD; also non symbian touch screen phones like Samsung Jet, Samsung Corby series, LG Touch series & Windows Platforms like 6.5, 6.1 pro headsets can really enjoy this Internet connection more fruitfully. Basically every GPRS enabled phone can use this Reliance GSM Mobile Internet services but Smartphone users will enjoy more.

One more thing that Reliance has improved its Reception in GSM category in MUMBAI & PUNE at very exceptional speed & its one of the best Mobile Operator for the GSM services in the Country. All these above discussed Internet connections are also available on Reliance GSM Prepaid cards but I have not tested the same so can't comment on it. Also once you have subscribed to any plans under Reliance GSM Mobile Internet services you get Pan India GPRS/EDGE services without any Roaming DATA charges wherever Reliance India GSM network is available. Currently Reliance GSM is available in 23 circles all over India.

Reviews by: Gaurav Hasabnis (Mumbai)

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