BT, Ericsson Wideband FDD Trial Showcase Breakthrough 5G SA Performance

BT and Ericsson achieve successful transmission of 5G services using wideband FDD radio carrier, boosting capacity and uplink performance in 5G Standalone network.


  • BT and Ericsson's breakthrough demonstrates 5G services in wideband FDD radio carrier.
  • Trial showcases over threefold capacity uplift with wide carrier bandwidth.
  • Uplink performance significantly enhanced in 5G Standalone networks.

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BT, Ericsson Wideband FDD Trial Showcase Breakthrough 5G SA Performance

BT and Ericsson have successfully demonstrated the transmission of 5G services using a wideband FDD (frequency division duplex) radio carrier (over 20 MHz) within a sub-3 GHz spectrum band. According to BT and Ericsson, this accomplishment is a major advancement in the progress of 5G networks, with implications that will greatly impact the capacity and performance of networks.

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Wide Carrier Bandwidth

The trial, conducted on BT's live network in Bristol and Potters Bar, showcased the benefits of configuring a wide carrier bandwidth of 50 MHz (50 MHz downlink + 50 MHz uplink) within the 2.6 GHz band, along with downlink aggregation using two TDD (time division duplex) carriers in the 3.5 GHz band. This configuration led to a capacity uplift of over three times compared to a single FDD carrier. According to the joint statement, the trial also evaluated an intermediate carrier bandwidth of 30 MHz.

Uplink Enhancement

The breakthrough is particularly significant for the uplink in 5G Standalone (5G SA) networks. According to BT, currently, 5G SA relies on a single carrier for the uplink, but this trial demonstrates the potential to significantly boost uplink capacity using a wider carrier bandwidth.

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Network Expansion

The technology partners stated that enabling 5G expansion in FDD bands is a crucial step in the rollout of EE's 5G Standalone mobile network. 5G SA is expected to offer superior experiences for consumers and businesses, meeting the increasing demand for data-driven applications like cloud gaming, virtual reality (VR), and emerging edge technologies.

Hardware and Software Utilization

The trial used existing Ericsson commercial hardware, including Baseband 6648 and Radio 4419. The software feature 'Large Bandwidth Support Low-Band' was activated to facilitate the testing, and Handsets powered by MediaTek Dimensity chips, specifically the MediaTek M80 Release-16 modem, were used in the trial.

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Partner Collaboration

According to the official release, the collaboration between BT, Ericsson, and MediaTek played a significant role in achieving this milestone. MediaTek's Dimensity 5G chipsets contributed to meeting the demand for uplink data in evolving mobile applications.

Future Network Possibilities

The success of this trial sets the stage for further innovation and enhancements in the 5G services ecosystem. It is seen as a critical step toward realising the full potential of 5G technology and delivering new possibilities to EE's customers.

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Overall, this achievement represents a significant advancement in the deployment of EE's 5G Standalone networks and has the potential to shape the future of telecommunications by enabling higher capacity, improved network performance, and enhanced user experiences.

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