BSNL Hikes 3G Data Tariff

BSNL Hikes 3G Data TariffIt seems like good time of the operators hits the customers badly.

Country’s largest 3G operator on the basis of coverage, BSNL today announced tariff hike on 3G data. It comes as a blow to the users who are on BSNL 3G for affordable tariff.

BSNL brings a new tariff revision w.e.f. 16.9.2011 and introduces some new plans, withdraws some. From 16th September base rate for BSNL 3G data will be 4p/10kB instead of previous 2p/10kB.

BSNL also cuts down freebies offering with new 3G data card connection – 200MB to be used 30 days from activation.

Postpaid plans Rs.89, Rs.189, Rs.1819, Rs. 2720 and prepaid Data RCV Rs.2000 are withdrawn now.

Additional usage charges beyond free usage is increased from existing 2p/10 KB to 4p/10 KB in all data plans under postpaid and prepaid 3G mobile services.

Freebies offered on activation of 3G data plan with sale of BSNL data card or any of the bundled data card is reduced to 200MB to be used within 30days from the date of activation.

BSNL has revised its tariff in accordance with 43rd amendment of telecom tariff order issued by TRAI.

A Comparison Chart of new and previous BSNL 3G Prepaid RCVs:

Prepaid RCV Previous offer New offer
Rs 100 250 MB for 30 days 225 MB for 15 days
Rs 200 500 MB for 30 days 500 MB for 15 days
Rs 400 1 GB for 30 days 1000 MB for 30 days
Rs 606 1 GB (day)+ 5GB(night) for 30 days 1000 MB(day)+3000 MB (night) for 30 days
Rs 716 2 GB for 30 days 2000 MB for 30 days
Rs 1102 10 GB for 30 days RCV Withdrawn, 10GB pack is now @ Rs 1800
Rs 1500 15 GB for 30 days RCV Withdrawn, 15GB pack is now @ Rs 2250
Rs 1250 5000 MB for 30 days Discounted RCV Rs 750*
Rs 1800 10000 MB for 30 days Discounted RCV Rs 1260*
Rs 2250 15000 MB for 30 days Discounted RCV Rs 1575*
Rs 2000 22 GB for 30 days Withdrawn
Rs 2500 12 GB for 180  days 20000 MB for 60 days
Rs 3000 35 GB for 30 days 30000 MB for 90 days
Rs 3100 15000 MB for 180 days
Rs 5000 30 GB for 180 days 30000 MB for 180 days

*  till 31.12.2011. Also note extra usage is now 4p/10kB instead of earlier 2p/10kB

What made BSNL to hike its 3G Data Tariff ? Do let us know via comment.

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December 28, 2011 5:05 pm 5:05 PM

i not fair, i do no how private player are still keeping their pice low,
better BSNL can be handed to AT&T……….

they will take care of BSNL……….

PLZZZZZ govt do this

Percy Jackson
November 3, 2011 3:25 pm 3:25 PM
@Abhishek Remember in December 2009 BSNL had introduced a Rs 700 per month unlimited plan with a 4200 one time payment for 6 months… Well… I think BSNL came to a great loss as many people subscribed to that service… So to make up for that loss… I guess they have hiked the prices of 3g and all…. So thats why the complaints from all sectors… TRAI is trying to harass all its Indian Consumers for reducing scam when they themselves are creating scam… So Corrupted India has become… May the Indian comsumers rest in peace………… XXXXXX Well Im a… Read more »
September 24, 2011 12:56 pm 12:56 PM
Neeraj : Tariff hike would be revenue depleter for BSNL. Service is still a big channlange. It really hard task to find a recharge and get the resolution of complaint. I am very sure that customer would not take it in right sprit. 3G as a charm is failed to get established it self.prices are already at higer side and seems not coming down soon…. opertors have paid a heavy license fees and would surely creating a huge revenue pressure… break even in coming 3-4 years would be only a dream. I guess operators needs to play a volume game… Read more »